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Payday 3 – Tutorial Door Code Location


The eagerly awaited third installment in the beloved shooter series, PayDay, is loved by a passionate fan base. In this game, you play as a crafty criminal mastermind who aspires to pull out flawless heists and amass wealth. To proceed, the lesson instructs you to locate a door code, but it doesn’t actually specify where to search. Door codes are frequently seen during Payday 3 burglaries. The tutorial door code location in Payday 3 will be explained in this article:

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Tutorial Door Code Location

You have to crawl via a vent in the chamber with the fallen guard in order to get the door code. The code lies behind the door, covered in more stickers than an adolescent’s bedroom window from the 2000s. However, it is locked, so you must take a different way.

Go through the door where the guard’s body was placed, then scan the room for a vent on the right side. After interacting with it to remove its cover, enter. There will be a box for you to climb on and then another vent. Remove the cover to reveal the room’s TV, which will show the four-digit code required to unlock the door. Proceed to the door’s keypad after exiting through the sticker-covered door.

When you approach any keypad—including the one in your tutorial—you may use your UV light to reveal the four password-related digits. The UV light in our instance displays seven, zero, and six. Press the check button once you’ve typed in your combination by interacting with the individual keys. This will allow you to resume your practice heist.

How to Get Tutorial Door Code

1. You must don your mask Once the stealth part is finished. On your screen, the appropriate button will become available.

2. Silently remove the guard by going around him. Don’t forget to answer the radio. To accomplish this, you must continuously push the prompt button. Go left and leave the man’s body in the restroom.

3. Proceed to the electronic lock. You can activate your UV flashlight by getting close enough. The numbers that need to be entered to open this door will be visible to you. You might be able to guess the code if you have the patience. However, there’s an easier way.

4. Take the body to the bathroom. Go via the vent that is located close to the floor.

5. You’ll arrive at the secured chamber. A code is written on the wall. You cannot utilize the one shown in our video or screenshot because each playback has a different one. But now you know how to obtain it on your own.

6. To proceed, exit the chamber and enter the code.


How do you guess the keypad in Payday 3?

Your character will beam a UV light on a keypad when you approach it to interact with it. The right buttons have fingerprints on them if you look closely. You can use your list of codes to identify the combination that matches the ones covered by the fingerprints after you have the correct numbers.

How to crack safe Payday 3?

The dial will become unstable as it approaches the proper digits, so players must spin and look for them by watching how it moves. Players now have to stop when the dial turns green and slow down. In Payday 3, you have to do this three times in order to crack safes.

Why is Payday 3 not matchmaking?

The gamer may occasionally experience problems that prevent them from using Payday 3’s matchmaking feature. Among these issues are: Problems with internet connectivity. Problems with Nebula Account authentication.

Where is the code Payday 3?

Players will approach the vault door’s keypad, whereupon a UV light will immediately shine on it and display fingerprints on the numbers the executive has pressed, disclosing the guaranteed code despite onlookers’ best efforts.

What is the door code in Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill?

Usually, the code is the wifi password that is put on the break room whiteboard or the manager’s employee number. Occasionally, the code will be inscribed on a binder that is placed on the VIP Showroom center table. Which one is it? The manager’s office computer can tell you.