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PDF Bear: An All-around Converter Intended for You


Numerous individuals say that they’re having trouble converting their files, but for those who are familiar with technology, converting isn’t difficult at all. Perhaps the reason behind their inability to convert files is they haven’t found a worth risking converter. 


Finding a reliable converter is like hitting the jackpot, Buddy! If you’re still trying to seize a good one, I recommend you our PDF Bear online tool; this tool allows you to tweak any of your documents efficiently. The PDF Bear is legally owned by Megacloud Limited; you’re in the right and good hands, so there’s nothing to be frightened of, Pal. 


So much for the PDF Bear’s background, let’s now discuss its benefits to all of its users. Stay still and read this article until the end; you’ll be amazed by the things it can provide to you once you have it, Buddy. 


It’s a Hassle-free Converter 

If you’re hunting a hassle-free converter, PDF Bear is here to rescue you. This tool is designed for all; it can convert all the documents to any format of your choice, Buddy! If you desire to extract pages, this tool will do the job for you. 


Don’t be nervous about the process because the PDF Bear tool will teach you how to extract pages from PDF; every step is provided on your screen, you only need to follow the steps and execute it properly to extract the file correctly. 


The process won’t make you sweat, trust me. Firstly, you need to paste the PDF document in question; after that, select the page you want to extract by highlighting it and then click the Extract button to commence the extraction process. 


It’s a Safe and Reliable Tool

One significant aspect when finding a tool is how that specific tool managed the users’ privacy and safety. Our PDF Bear online tool sees to it that your documents are secured and in good hands; to prove that claim, they automatically delete the documents you’ve copied and pasted after one hour from the time you started your transaction.  


The Best Features are Waiting Once You Subscribe to Their Premium Version

Let’s stop settling on free versions, and start investing in premium versions; after all, the tool we choose is worth all the money. One good reason why we need to have a premium account is its features! 


Once you become a PRO member of PDF Bear, you can acquire the following benefits: you can do unlimited tasks, have a limitless amount of OCR tasks, have max files per task, largest file size per task, no more ads that annoy us big time, and lastly, unlimited storage for any of your supported documents. 


Before anything else, you’re allowed to compress your file, and you can choose between Medium Compression and Strong Compression. The choices are on your advantage, so rest assured that all the coins you’ll spend will never be wasted, Buddy. 


PDF Bear is Accessible

One thing we need to consider when choosing a tool aside from its capabilities is its accessibility. Gladly, PDF Bear Is a friendly tool; it can be used by any of the platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s a friendly tool indeed!



Finding an all-around converter is such a hard task to do, Buddy, but since you already read the advantages of having a PDF Bear online tool in your life, drop your doubts now and start using it; do everything you want with your files without any sweat. Extracting files, merging documents, turning HTML to PDFs, JPG to PDFs, PDF to Excel, name all the tasks you need to accomplish, the PDF Bear will be with you until the end!


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