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How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry


There are a variety of milestones to be earned in The Quarry. Some of these achievements require that all of the camp counsellors survive, while others require only one. There is another one called Blood Pact, and to complete it, the player needs to spread the werewolf virus to all camp counsellors. It is up to the player to infect Abigail, Emma, Dylan, Jacob, Ryan, and Kaitlyn in addition to Max, Laura, and Nick, to earn the Blood Pact award. Max, Laura, and Nick are infected without any intervention from the player. Because the first werewolves encountered in The Quarry are members of the Hackett Family, other members will play an essential part in the game’s progression toward infecting all camp counsellors.

In addition, many viruses can only be obtained by failing a quick-time event (QTE), making them secret outcomes that some players may have missed if they have been completing every decision. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to infect each and every figure in the quarry:

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How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry

Infecting Abigail In Chapter Three

The third chapter is the only one in which Abigail can become infected. Following the assault on Nick, she is presented with several options. There are three possible junctures during which she could become infected. The first thing to note is that she does not try to flee or conceal herself from the werewolf. The other possibility is that she will try to climb a tree but will be unsuccessful in the quick-time event. If she cannot suppress her breath for the final time, she will be bitten.

How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry

The fact that Abigail has neither symptoms nor a transformation makes her infection one of a kind. The event is also never brought up by the characters. Fans are concerned that there has been a break in continuity here. However, even if Abigail is bitten, players can still earn the Blood Pact accomplishment because this circumstance does not affect it.

Infecting Emma In Chapter Four Or Six

During her confrontation with the werewolf in Chapter Four, Emma has a handful of opportunities to get the infection. The werewolf can infect her by biting her arm if she cannot shove the cabinet before reaching the trapdoor. The werewolf can bite her leg if she cannot complete the quick-time event while mounting the ladder.

How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry

In Chapter Six, there is one more opportunity for her to become infected with the virus. The werewolf is going to bite her if she does not have any fireworks on her person when she is trying to escape from the hunters. This involves skipping the chapter where you receive the fireworks (Chapter Two) or avoiding interacting with the characters in Chapter Six.

Infecting Dylan In Chapter Five Or Eight

In the fifth chapter, Dylan has his first opportunity to become infected with the virus. If Abigail and Emma successfully broke into Cabin 10 in Chapter One, then Dylan will receive a bite on his hand while groping for a wire. This will happen if the door of Cabin 10 was smashed into. If you do not amputate his hand, he will continue to spread the infection.

How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry

If Emma has been successfully infected, then Dylan will get a second chance to catch the virus, but only if Emma has done so. If she has been, then Emma’s werewolf bite will occur in Chapter Eight of the book. Only in the event that Kaitlyn does not shoot Emma when she assaults will this transpire. Dylan will push Kaitlyn away, which will result in his being bitten.

Infecting Jacob In Chapter Six

Players have just one go at infecting Jacob, just like they do with Abigail. It can only be accomplished with a failed quick time event and can be found in Chapter Six. It is not a good idea for Jacob to try to avoid the initial attack that the werewolf will make against him. Jacob’s neck will be bitten, and he will become infected if the attempt to fail successfully is successful.

How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry

Players will need to be cautious because there are other ways for Jacob to perish inside the same scene. He will perish if he cannot flee or conceal himself and if the hunters have not bestowed their blood upon him. He will inevitably perish if he cannot free himself from the rope trap. If he fails to free himself from the bear trap and fails to prevent his head from going into another bear trap, he will also be killed.

Infecting Ryan In Chapter Nine

It is only possible for Ryan to become infected in Chapter Nine. However doing so is straightforward and does not require a successful completion of a quick-time event. To assist Ryan in surviving the injuries he sustained throughout the night, Laura will offer to bite his arm. For him to become infected, he must first accept her offer and then remain still as she bites him.

How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry

In addition, Ryan’s demise can occur in one of three ways in Chapter Nine. Make it a point to shoot Chris whenever you get the opportunity, and if Ryan and Travis wind up fighting, you should be able to kill Travis. Even if Laura doesn’t bite him, he’ll still die from losing too much blood. There’s no way around that.

Infecting Kaitlyn In Chapter Nine

In the scene in Chapter Nine that takes place in the scrapyard, Kaitlyn can potentially become infected. Dylan will have to give Kaitlyn a heads-up about the approaching werewolf. After that, Dylan will hoist the automobile, and Kaitlyn will get in it. After that, he has to make the decision to slam the car. Dylan will receive a quick-time event that will allow him to dump the vehicle on the werewolf. If he is unsuccessful, Kaitlyn will be attacked and bitten.

How to Infect Every Character in The Quarry

This is the only way Kaitlyn can become infected with the virus. When that is finished, it is anticipated that everyone will be sick by the time Chapter 10 comes around.


Can everyone get bitten in The Quarry?

In order to earn the award for Blood Pact, you must complete The Quarry with all of your characters infected in a single session. This indicates that in order for them to contract an infection, a monster must first bite them. Only the characters who can be controlled by the player are taken into account here: Jacob, Nick, Ryan, Dylan, Max, Kaitlyn, Emma, Abigail, and Laura. Members of the Hackett family are excluded from the tally.

Can you beat The Quarry without anyone getting infected?

At Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp, every one of the protagonists faces the possibility of becoming infected with the virus. The only way to break this curse is to use silver on a night when there is a full moon and kill the werewolf that was responsible for it. However, things are not quite as simple as they appear to be. There is a different, less complicated way to put an end to the illness, but it involves making a sacrifice.

Does Dylan get infected?

Dylan’s hand will get bitten by a werewolf just as he is about to reach the rooftop. After that, Ryan will be offered the opportunity to amputate Dylan’s hand in order to stop the spread of his wolf blood. By going with the Terrified option, you can stop Ryan from carrying out the action that would otherwise transmit Dylan’s virus.

Should Abi kiss Nick?

If we kiss him, the conversation that Nick and Abi are having will come to an end, and the next portion of the scene will begin (you can skip ahead to it here). though, if we don’t kiss him, we’ll get a little more speech that fleshes out Abi and Nick’s connection, and we’ll still have the opportunity to kiss him in the future. If we do kiss him, though, we won’t get any additional dialogue.