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Persona 5 Tactica: Use Sub-Personas Guide


Persona 5 Tactica has Sub Personas, a feature that was brought back from previous spin-off games. Anybody in the party can now use another Persona by equipping a Sub Persona. Determining which Sub-Personas to create and how to use the ones you already have can be challenging at first, but it will be easier if you know which ones fit each character. Reading this article will teach you how to employ subpersonas in Persona 5 tactics:

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What Are Sub Personas?

Any Phantom Thieves member can equip a subpersona, or secondary persona, when they are in the Velvet Room. When a character equips a sub persona, they retain the ability to use their unique and inherited skills without having to switch out their primary persona’s typical skills.

Persona 5 Tactica: Use Sub-Personas Guide

In addition, when a subpersona is equipped, its extra stats—HP, SP, Melee Damage, and Gun Damage—are added to the character’s existing stats. When in the Velvet Room, subpersonas can be equipped and disempowered on any character save Erina. Like the other members of the group, Joker also uses Arsene as his primary Persona and Sub Personas despite being the Wild Card.

How Do Sub-Personas Work?

Only Joker had the power to host up to twelve Personas simultaneously using the Wild Card ability in the canonical Persona 5. But as of right now, Persona stock functions differently in P5T. Though not to the same extent as the Joker, each Phantom Thief in Persona 5 Tactica can possess many Personas. Every Thief, including the Joker, can now equip one more Persona each teammate for combat.

Persona 5 Tactica: Use Sub-Personas Guide

A Phantom Thief will have access to a few extra Persona skills during each battle after equipping a Sub-Persona onto them. Your allies might not have had access to certain abilities with just their main Persona, such as support skills, passive abilities, or elemental damage kinds, but these additions can provide them. You can now delegate the task of covering any weaknesses in your armour to anyone instead than just Joker.

Sub-Personas are fused in the Velvet Room, which functions somewhat differently today than it did in the main series, much like Personas in the core games. As you advance through the game, you can create a variety of new Persona fusions by receiving new Personas after significant battles. Once you have a modest collection of Personas, you will need to equip each teammate’s Sub-Persona personally.

Persona 5 Tactica: Use Sub-Personas Guide

This can be completed in the Velvet Room either before a combat, or right after fusion. On the “Equip a Persona” screen, teammates who have Sub-Personas have a gear next to their name. It’s usually worthwhile to make sure you have high-level Sub-Personas because they frequently have better moves and stats.

You can withdraw Sub-Personas again to re-equip them or utilise them in fresh fusions. As the game progresses, try your hardest to use stronger Sub-Personas, meticulously splicing crucial abilities from parent Personas into new fusions to carry over good capabilities and hone any others.

How to Create Sub-Personas

Lavenza creates Sub-Personas in the Velvet Room, which can be accessed prior to a match or while in the cafe. You can ask Lavenza to utilise her abilities to fuse two Personas to create something new in this enigmatic area. By combining already-existing Personas in the Velvet Room, one can create over 150 Sub-Personas, each of which has a different set of abilities.

Personas can be fused to form more powerful Sub-Personas, but before fusing, it’s always a good idea to read the anticipated outcome. Sure, you’ll get a powerful power in the end, but you’ll also have to give up the two Personas you used to create the new one. Whether this is worth it is up to you.

Persona 5 Tactica: Use Sub-Personas Guide

You can generate an increasing number of these Sub-Personas as the game progresses. Though you will have the opportunity to build and test out a large number of Sub-Personas as you level up, you will not be able to utilise any that are more advanced than your Phantom Thieves.

Every Sub-Persona you construct will inherit two sets of talents from every Persona that went into creating it: inherited skills that you can choose to use, and unique skills the Person will always possess. It is important to carefully consider these inherited skills before adopting them, as they may be damage-dealing, supportive, or passive.

How to Use Sub Personas

In addition to serving as the bulk of a character’s stat line, sub personas allow players to customise party members anyway they see fit. In this game, characters are considerably closer to being blank slates than they were in the original, even though each character does have a few skills that make them better at certain tasks than others.

Everyone’s HP, SP, Melee Damage, and Gun Damage will increase proportionately with increasing Phantom Thieves level; the only significant variance in stats stems from the equipped Sub Persona. Since higher-level Sub Personas will have the highest stats, it is advisable to try to use them.

Persona 5 Tactica: Use Sub-Personas Guide

It can frequently be more challenging to apply a particular skill to a particular character in Persona Fusion due to its more focused and linear design. Covering particular elements is less significant in the absence of elemental affinities and weaknesses; the Sub Personas’ basic stats are far more significant.


How do you combine Personas in Persona 5?

To get Persona outcomes that are at or below your current level, simply pick Fuse by Result and use R1 or L1 to tab over to the Sort by Level page. Beginning there, proceed downward until you run out of Personas to use or until there are no more choices available to you. At that point, you can give up.

Can you sleep with anyone in Persona 5?

You can play around with Sayoko Uehara, a local nurse, but that’s implied—wink wink nudge nudge say no more—for anyone who’s played Persona 4, for example. However, Persona 5 does it directly. You can kiss, date, and (in the game’s own adorable little off-camera manner) sleep with older ladies.

Can you mess up romance in Persona 5?

In summary, the answer is definitely yes, but those who choose to stray may face some repercussions. However, as we’ve already mentioned, Persona 5 Royal does not allow for breakups, so whatever cheating you’re going to commit will last the whole of the game!

Who is the canon romance in Persona 5?

There’s no ideal romantic partner. A canon romantic interest will never exist. The primary characters are empty vessels designed to symbolise the player, and they desire the freedom to be matched with anyone you choose.