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System Shock Remake – How to Get Credits


While on board the Citadel in the first-person shooter game System Shock, you encounter a wide range of enemies. Although there’s a great way to sustain yourself while playing the game using the credits system, the description in-game isn’t particularly clear. To progress in the game, you will need to get stronger in between trying to switch off the laser and stopping SHODAN. You can read this page to find out how to get credit for the System Shock remake:

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What are Credits?

In the System Shock remake, credits—also known as tri-credits for formal occasions—are a type of money required to engage with vending machines. In every level of the game, vending machines may be found. You can exchange credits for consumables, ammunition, weapon upgrades, and meals. Upgrades for your weapons are especially valuable and may be found in Citadel Station’s mod-kit stations.

System Shock Remake - How to Get Credits

How to Get Credits

You must recycle scrap in a recycling station to receive credits in System Shock. There is one recycling station on most game floors. These machines will turn scrap into credits that you can redeem when you add it to their inventories and use the start button. While credits on dead bodies are also available, this is an uncommon occurrence and not a particularly efficient way to acquire credits rapidly.

System Shock Remake - How to Get Credits

Obtaining scrap is also simple. Almost every level has many objects designated as “junk.” This can include everything from mugs and toothbrushes to caps with uniforms and medical supplies. In your inventory, right-click on these objects and choose “Vaporise.” The item will become scrap as a result. While it doesn’t fall from mutants, you can also find modest amounts of scrap from the corpses of some fallen robots and cyborgs. You will receive more scrap for an item the larger or rarer.

System Shock Remake - How to Get Credits

Examining the surrounding area and dead bodies is another method of farming credits. With any luck, there are plenty of corpses surrounding the station that might have credits. Occasionally, they can even be found in the various rooms’ shelves or containers.

Transderm dispensers and Mod-Kit stations are located across the levels for you to use your credits. Your weaponry can be upgraded using the mod-Kit station, and consumables can be distributed with the help of the transderm dispenser.


Is it better to vaporize or recycle in System Shock Remake?

The drawback is that you can only receive one credit for every ten scraps. Therefore, you are losing money even while you are freeing up inventory slots. A broken handgun can be recycled for three credits, but vaporized for one and a half credits worth of scrap.

What are the ID tags in System Shock Remake?

Players can uncover the supporter’s identity by pressing LEFT ALT while looking at the ID tag in their inventory. The tag identifies the backer. Although the tags are useless in and of themselves, it’s a delightful way to honor the devoted fans who made the much anticipated remake of System Shock possible.

What is the code for the armory in System Shock?

The good news is that the System Shock remake isn’t one of those games that smack you on the wrist for trying to use a code you can’t possibly know, so you can avoid the runaround. Therefore, if I were to inform you that the code is 705, you could enter through the keypad, go inside, and take advantage of all those goods.

What is the code for the relay Analyser in System Shock remake?

Two doors down from the elevator that leads to the executive level is the Maintenance lab where the Relay Analyser keypad is located. Once the groves in Executive are unlocked, you can use it to mend the Relay. Utilizing the diagnostics device, you can locate the code in the Repair Bay. 428 is the number.

Where do I enter the reactor code in System Shock?

A six-digit keypad in the Core can be found in Reactor, where the player can go after demolishing every antenna in Engineering. They will be able to initiate the self-destruct process with the help of this keypad, so starting the last part of the narrative.