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PESTLE Analysis of Starbucks in UK


PESTLE Analysis of Starbucks in UK

Summary: Starbucks started in UK in 1998 and UK has always been a favourable market for Starbucks due to its stable political environment, strong economy, diverse population, and high level of coffee consumption. Starbucks is located in the United Kingdom with 748 stores.

The company must comply with strict environmental regulations, but has made a commitment to being environmentally friendly. There are a number of regulations that businesses must comply with in the UK, but Starbucks is compliant with all relevant legislation.

We will discuss here Pestle analysis of Uk as it is used for a variety of purposes, including identifying business opportunities, evaluating the potential of new markets, assessing the risk of investing in a new venture, and developing marketing strategies.

Pestle analysis can also be used to monitor changes in the external environment that may impact a company’s business. For example, if a new technology or regulation is introduced that could affect a company’s operations, a pestle analysis can be used to assess the potential impact.

Pestle analysis is also sometimes referred to as PESTEL analysis or PESTLE analysis.

1. Political factors:

The UK has a stable political environment, which is favourable for businesses. The country is not now a member of the European Union (EU) still it is a large market. There are also no major political issues that could adversely affect Starbucks in the UK. So due to having a strong political system in UK it is a favourable market for starbucks. According to PESTLE analysis starbucks should keep their business in UK and grow as well.

2. Economic factors:

The UK economy is quite strong and has been growing steadily in recent years. This is good news for Starbucks, as it means that there are more consumers with disposable income who are willing to spend money on coffee. Inflation and interest rates are low at the moment, which is also beneficial for businesses. According to these Economic factors from PESTLE analysis Starbucks should keep their business in UK and grow as well.

3. Social factors:

The UK has a very diverse population, with people from all over the world living and working in the country. This diversity is reflected in Starbucks’ customer base, which means that the company is able to tap into a wide range of different markets. The UK also has a high level of coffee consumption, which is good news for Starbucks. As social factors are favourable according to PESTLE analysis, starbucks should keep benefiting by doing business in UK.

4. Technological factors:

The UK is a very technologically advanced country, which is beneficial for Starbucks as it means that the company can make use of the latest technology in its operations. This includes things like point-of-sale systems and mobile apps, which can help to improve efficiency and customer service. Starbucks should open new ways to entertain customers in UK. According to Technological factor of PESTLE analysis Starbucks can grow further in UK.

5. Legal factors:

There are a number of regulations that businesses must comply with in the UK, such as employment law and health and safety law. Starbucks is compliant with all relevant legislation and has a good reputation in this area. This shows a positive indication by doing PESTLE analysis of UK for starbucks. So starbucks should focus on increasing business in UK.

6. Environmental factors:

The UK has strict environmental regulations, which Starbucks must adhere to. However, the company has made a commitment to being environmentally friendly, and has made strides in reducing its carbon footprint. Since company is also going enviromentally friendly they should increase their outlets in UK. Enviromental factor from PESTEL analysis is good enough for starbucks to show growth in future.


While it is true that Starbucks has been experiencing declining sales in the UK, it is unclear if this is due to an overall decline in interest in the brand or if the company is specifically planning to pull out of the UK market. PESTLE analysis shows company should not leave this country and work on improving their bsuiness processes and grow in UK.