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Pizza Tower – All Ranks Explained


Pizza Tower is a fantastic new independent game that heavily references Warrio Land. Essentially, the game is a platformer, and while you run, jump, and smash your way through the various rooms and levels, it will appear as though you’re watching a cartoon from the 1990s. After each level, players will discover their level of expertise with Pizza Tower, accompanied by an equally jumbled animation. You will all understand how the pizza tower ranks in this article:

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A Rank

At this stage, you’re practically ready to create your own pizza place, especially if you can consistently achieve the A Ranking. Peppino is appreciative of players who can take less than four hits from a boss character or achieve at least 8,000 points in a run, and he does so with a suitably confused and slightly threatening smile. With these abilities, a couple more throws into the air, and you’ll be prepared to accomplish…

Pizza Tower - All Ranks Explained

B Rank

Hey, this is getting a little heated now. Although there is still some work to be done, players who are routinely reaching the B Rank are beginning to reach their full potential. In order to consistently get this rating, players must either take less than six hits from a boss character or gain at least 4,000 points in a run. It appears that even Peppino is surprised that you’re doing well.

Pizza Tower - All Ranks Explained

C Rank

If players continue to speed through levels without finishing them off or gathering goods, they might just be fortunate enough to receive a C Rank. Players that suffer eight hits from a boss or score more than 2,000 points in a regular run will be rewarded with the C Ranking and a disgruntled Peppino.

Pizza Tower - All Ranks Explained

D Rank

Achieving D Rank is nearly unattainable unless players are essentially striving for it. Players will receive this grade and a proper reprimand from Peppino Spaghetti if they finish a level with nearly no points. You should ignore the opponents and avoid gathering any things if your goal is to get a World Record D Rank on every stage.

Pizza Tower - All Ranks Explained

S Rank

You’re getting better than you ever imagined, and you’re almost at the top. The S Ranks ought to start rolling in as gamers progress through some of the hardest levels in the game. When a player earns more than 16,000 points in a run or takes fewer than two hits during a boss encounter, Peppino leaps with joy. This brings us to the rank that is most difficult to attain.

Pizza Tower - All Ranks Explained

P Rank

In Pizza Tower, the coveted P Rank is something that no player should take lightly. Not only is it nearly impossible for most players to get, but it also has the hardest requirements available. Players must find a means to achieve either by taking no hits from a boss character or by completing a stage without breaking your combination and discovering every Toppin, hidden door, and Special Item in the stage. That seems like a really scary period.


What is the easiest level to P rank Pizza Tower?

It does help the player advance in the game. If you don’t P rank the Crumbling Tower, you won’t receive a 101%. The simplest P ranks in the game are John Gutter and Crumbling Tower, thus I’m surprised no one brought up Wasteyard. Wasteyard is, in my opinion, the third-most straightforward level in the game to P rank.

What is the pose for the P rank?

Peppino adopts an expression akin to the impolite Italian gesture known as a “gesto dell’ombrello” (flipping the bird) in response to obtaining a P-rank. Nevertheless, Peppino raises three fingers and places his hand beneath his arm rather than clenching his fist and placing it above his left arm.

What happens when you get all secrets in Pizza Tower?

Secret Eyes will show up on each floor of the Hub once the player has found and completed every secret in the game. These eyes lead to a tiny Sound Test that has a level door leading to the Secrets of the World and a hidden eye for return.

Can you take damage and still get P rank Pizza Tower?

Because it is the only rank in the game that is dependent on something other than the Pizza Points that are accumulated throughout a level, the P-rank is special. It may be obtained in boss levels by simply finishing the boss fight without taking a single hit.

What does taunting do in Pizza Tower?

Make fun of them. Peppino will strike a posture when you press the taunt button. When Peppino is injured while mocking, he will parry and block the blow rather than take it. This may deflect projectiles and destroy the majority of foes.