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Pizza Tower – How to Revive Snotty


Snotty, the eye-catching green Cheeseslime monster, prowls the Slum, the Tower’s fourth story. You probably snatched him up like the others did because he resembles every other Cheeseslime you’ve seen so far, but that just kills him and leaves a dismal tombstone in his place. I mean, who the heck is Snotty? Read this post to find out how to bring Snotty back to life in the pizza tower:

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What Does Snotty Do in Pizza Tower?

He emerges in Slums adjacent to the Staff Only Door and behaves exactly like Cheeslimes. He is unable to assault the player. At the end of the level, the player receives the Snotty Approved badge and Snotty appears in The Crumbling Tower of Pizza if they don’t kill him. If you kill him, a grave with the words “R.I.P.” will appear.

How to Revive Snotty

Regardless of whether you crushed Snotty into the ground as soon as you saw him, you’re undoubtedly wondering if there’s a way to retrieve that badge and bring him back. Good news! There’s a way to bring Snotty back to life. The bad news is that some file altering is required. It won’t affect your game, but you’re stuck if you have problems altering files.

Pizza Tower - How to Revive Snotty

How to Bring Snotty Back:

  • Press the Windows key+R to launch the Windows Run application quickly, then type “%AppData%” into the field.
  • Your roaming folder will open if you press OK. Navigate down to the “PizzaTower_GM2” folder.
  • First, open the saves folder, then use Notepad to access the saveData file.
  • Use Notepad’s locate function (Ctrl+F) to look up the word “snotty.” A list of game variables with values next to them contains Snotty’s name. Change the 1 to a 0 next to Snotty’s name if he is deceased.
  • Close and save the file.

How to Get Snotty Approved

The green “Snotty Approved” badge in Pizza Tower is one of the unique badges you can obtain on your save file using the file select menu. This badge raises your Tower Completion level by 1%. You may wonder, who is Snotty. Since you treated him so callously, I don’t blame you for not knowing. You can locate Snotty, a unique green Cheeseslime monster, meandering throughout the Slum, the fourth floor of the Tower.

Pizza Tower - How to Revive Snotty

You probably just dash-grabbed him into oblivion like the others because he looks almost precisely like every other Cheeseslime you’ve seen so far, but it only kills him and leaves a really sorrowful tombstone in his place. Remaining silent with Snotty is the only way to earn the Snotty Approved badge. Don’t do anything to him, don’t disturb him, and don’t assault him.

It’s okay, he’s not disturbing you. Then, when the game is almost over and you’ve conquered Pizzahead, you’ll have the chance to work with the other residents of the Crumbling Tower of Pizza to save Snotty. You can have the badge and a guilt-free conscience if you can get Snotty out of there.


Is there a time limit in Pizza Tower?

Most levels end with the player coming across a pillar they need to knock down. In order to escape getting captured by Pizzaface, the player must return to the level’s entrance within a set amount of time once “Pizza Time” is activated. If the player doesn’t pass the level, they have to start over.

What is the noise supposed to be Pizza Tower?

The Noise is a little, cunning gremlin that resembles a person. He is dressed in an orange cape, white gloves, a yellow jumpsuit, and a chef hat. He features a single bucktooth, a thin, curled mustache, and a long nose.

What is the oldest Pizza Tower build?

The Early Test Build, referred to as Demo 0 by the community, is the initial public release of Pizza Tower and functions as a playtest demo for everyone to see the game’s interface. Peppino’s control in this demo is very different from his later demo control.

What is the easiest level to P rank in Pizza Tower?

The simplest P ranks in the game are John Gutter and Crumbling Tower, thus I’m surprised no one brought up Wasteyard. Wasteyard is, in my opinion, the third-most straightforward level in the game to P rank. Short and easy to manage gimmick with only a few bothersome places that are straightforward to understand and master.

Who is the first boss in the Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower’s initial boss and main enemy is Phil Pepperman, also referred to as Pepperman.