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Pokémon Go: Field Notes Team Go Rocket Rewards


Pokémon Go: Field Notes Team Go Rocket Rewards

Here are few things that you should consider for completing field notes team go rocket.

First of all do not forget to use Pinap Berries when catching Shadow Pokémon to ensure you gather enough Candy to purify the Pokémon once it’s yours. When facing off against the three Team Go Rocket Leaders and Giovanni, it’s important to research their potential lineups in advance.

Also it’s a good idea to scout out the Leaders’ and Giovanni’s Pokémon before actually defeating them, so long as you have some healing items on hand for this first “trial” battle. To do this, you can use a Pokémon that is guaranteed to defeat their first Pokémon, which is always the same, and then, once you know what their second choice is, you can make your strategy accordingly. Keep in mind that the roster at any given PokéStop may change.

Then find a Pokémon with a large catch radius if you’re having trouble getting three Nice Throws in a row. Be patient with this one – it’s tricky!

If you’re having trouble with the raid-specific requirement, keep in mind that you can now use a Remote Raid pass to fight without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Here is an update to the Pokémon Go, titled “Field Notes: Team Go Rocket,” was released month of july in 2022.

As this new set of quests introduces Shadow Pokémon and rewards for your efforts to defeat Team Go Rocket in Pokémon Go, but you can still expect to face the familiar horde of grunt trainers and catch Shadow Pokémon on your way to taking on Team Go Rocket’s leaders and, eventually, Giovanni himself.

And you’ll gain experience and access to a variety of items with each quest step you finish.

Steps in Pokémon Go Field Notes in Team Go Rocket Rewards

Please find a detailed breakdown of the six quest steps that includes all associated challenges and rewards, for all the Field Notes: Pokémon Go’s Team Rocket is ready to go.

Keep in mind, you can’t start this quest until you’ve finished your previous Quest in the Team Go Rocket research. Which began in 2019 with A Troublesome Situation. It’s possible you’ve stumbled upon the Schemes quest.

This data was kindly provided by reddit user Amiibofan101.

Step 1 of 6 in “Field Notes Pokemon go Team Go Rocket”

  • In order to obtain three Hyper Potions, you must first defeat the three Team Go Rocket Grunts.
  • You can catch 1 Galarian Darumaka, a Shadow Pokémon, if you’re lucky.
  • Conquer a Darumaka raid with success!
  • Benefits: 1,000 Experience Points, 15 additional Pokéballs, and 3 additional Rare Candies

Field Notes Pokemon go Team Go Rocket 2 of 6

  • Get 10 Pinap Berries if you catch the 5 Shadow Pokémon.
  • Make atleast 3 Nice Curveball Throws one after another – 10 Razz Berry
  • Take out five Team Go Rocket henchmen and earn ten Nanab Berries.

The Benefits are you will get 1500 Experience Points, 1000 Stardust, and 10 Great Balls.

Step 3 of 6 in “Field Notes Pokemon go Team Go Rocket”

  • Remove the shadows from five Pokémon and earn 1,000 experience points.
  • You’ll earn 1000 experience points for killing five Team Go Rocket Grunts.
  • Gain 3 Candies while strolling with a friend and level up by 1000 points.
  • Gain 2000 Experience Points, 15 Great Balls, and access to the Rocket Radar.

Step 4 of 6 in “Field Notes Pokemon go Team Go Rocket”

  • Take down Arlo, leader of Team Go Rocket, and earn 1,500 experience points.
  • Take down Cliff, the leader of Team Go Rocket, and earn 1,500 experience points.
  • You have 1500 XP to defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Sierra.
  • Gain: 2500 Experience, 1000 Stella, and a Super Rocket Radar

Step 5 of 6 in “Field Notes Pokemon go Team Go Rocket”

  • Identify the Group Giovanni, Boss of the Rocket Ship, You Get 5 Max Potions to Send You on Your Way
  • Fight it out with the Team Go Rocket Big Boss! – 20 Ultra Balls
  • Take out the Team Go Rocket Leader – 5 Max Lives
  • Get 3000 experience points, 1 lucky egg, and 2 golden razzberries!

Step 1 of 6 in “Field Notes Pokemon go Team Go Rocket”

  • Use This Coupon for 2,500 Experience Points
  • Success! You’ve earned 2,500 Experience Points!
  • Proceed to Rewards Claim – 2,500 Experience Points
  • Those who complete it will be rewarded with two Silver Pinap Berries and one each of the Fast and Charged TMs.

So What is the Pokémon Go mechanics behind Field Notes: Team Go Rocket

As a side note, the latest in a long line of Team Go Rocket quests, Team Go Rocket appeared in July 2022, at the beginning of the Battle Weekend Challenge event.

This research quest is unlocked after completing the trial quest, Just bit difficult Situation, as well as any other Team Go Rocket quests, just likean Inter-egg-sting progress or The Shadowy danger Grows, that may have been started.

If you’re worried about falling too far and lacking in the Team Go Rocket lineup know that you’ll be automatically promoted to that team once you’ve finished your current Rocket quest.

Each mission for Team Go Rocket involves clearing infiltrated PokéStops of Shadow Pokémon and vanquishing the criminal organization’s foot soldiers.

Additionally, you’ll face off against Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni, who are all leaders.

Besides these specific activities, Team Go Rocket functions just like the other research quests, which require you to accomplish a series of objectives in a predetermined sequence.

Field Notes: Team Go Rocket shouldn’t be too much of a rush job for you. Although quests of this type typically have no time limits, you should probably get started on the Ultra Unlock: Battle Weekend event before it ends on September 10 at 12 a.m. (local time). Numerous benefits await you at the end of the process, making it well worth your while to do the work required.

It’s officially Go Season now! Zapdos is back for the sixth anniversary celebration. Even though Pokémon Go Fest 2022 has come and gone there are for you three number od special research quests you could be completing: Rhi’s Arrival, A Radiant World, and more. This season also saw the introduction of Nihilego, the first Ultra Beast, and a reduction in the Candy XL requirement.


How Can You find the team go rocket boss?

To meet Giovanni, leader of Team GO Rocket, you must first complete Special Research tasks, which entail defeating Grunts, Leaders, and other Team GO Rocket-related enemies.