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Pokemon GO: How To Take A Snapshot


If you’ve ever taken a fast photo with a smartphone or camera, you’ve probably heard of the term “snapshot.” There’s more to this word in Pokemon GO, though. When using AR technology, Pokemon Trainers may put their Pokemon into the actual world and capture photos of them in daily situations. You may take a picture of your workout and share it with your friends and family.

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How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon GO

Taking a Standard GO Snapshot

You must have a compatible Android or iOS smartphone in order to utilize the snapshot capability. If you plan to utilize Shared AR, it is imperative that you use a compatible device. It is possible to engage with two Trainers and capture AR photos that are otherwise impossible.

Requirements are as follows:

iOS 11 on iPhone 6 and later, Android 7.0 or later, and ARCore-capable devices are all required.
You can utilize ARCore, or Google Play Services for AR, on your Android smartphone to take use of AR capabilities. You may download it here if you can’t find it on any of the supported devices. Using ARCore, it is now able to share augmented reality.

Steps for a simple snapshot are as follows.

1.Activate Pokemon GO.
2.Go to the “Pokémon” section.

3.Take a look at the Pokemon you’d want to photograph.

4.To take a picture, click on the camera icon in the top-right of the screen.

5.Wait for yellow footprints to emerge if you have AR+.

  • If you don’t, the game will automatically place your Pokemon in the surrounding area.

6.To release your Pokemon into the world, tap the footprints.

  • Once you’ve got a suitable angle and illumination, you may begin moving about.

7.Tap the Pokemon to make them strike postures, change their facing, and recall them to a new location.
8.Press the camera button one more to capture a picture.

9.When you’re done with taking snapshots, tap the exit button and look at the gallery of photos.

How to Take a Snapshot of a Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon may be photographed using the game’s built-in camera. No Pokemon is required in order to capture pictures with it. This feature can come in handy in various instances.

Take these methods to get a picture of a wild Pokemon:

1.Activate Pokemon GO.
2.To find a wild Pokemon, simply walk about.

3.Clicking on it will take you to the screen where you may take a picture or video.
4.Let go of your finger and begin taking photos.

5.By pressing the capture button at the bottom of the screen, you may take a picture of the wild Pokemon.

6.To depart, select either the trash can to delete the current session or the checkbox to confirm the current session.

7.To return to the capture screen, click the left arrow.
Events, research tasks, and more frequently include the opportunity to photograph wild Pokemon. AR-enhanced photos might seem better, but they’re still required for the incentives you’ll receive after completing these activities. Certain missions need you to photograph particular Pokemon species.


Additional FAQs

Do you have to catch a Pokemon to take a snapshot?

Take a picture of a Pokemon without catching or even owning it. To mark the introduction of Pokemon Snap in April, in-game events included taking photos of wild Pokemon. You had to capture pictures of specific wild Pokemon when you were out catching them in order to complete the objectives.

Take a picture of your pals’ Buddy Pokemon in the Shared AR Experience. As a youngster, ensure sure your parents have given you the necessary permissions before using the service.

Can snapshot a friend’s Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

As a result of a shared virtual reality experience If you don’t have a Buddy, the Pokemon won’t show up on your phone. Sadly, there are no alternative options to take photographs of your friends’ Pokemon.