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PowerColor and Sapphire graphics card for AMD RX 7900GRE


With 80CU compute units, 5120 stream processors, an acceleration frequency of up to 2245 MHz, 80 light accelerators, and a single-precision computing performance of 46 TFLOPs, the AMD RX 7900GRE graphics card displays impressive technological characteristics. It also uses 260W of power and has a 64MB infinite cache capacity in addition to 16GB of 256bit GDDR6 video memory. In contrast, the RX 7900 XT provides 84 ray accelerators and single-precision computing performance of 52 TFLOPs thanks to its 5376 stream processors, 84CU compute units, and acceleration frequency of up to 2400 MHz. The board power consumption is higher at 315W, and it features a 20GB GDDR6 visual memory and an unlimited 80MB cache capacity.

Please be aware that the RX 7900GRE custom comparable from Sapphire, which has a shroud style similar to NITRO+ Lite, has leaked. Retail units are already available for purchase through their official store on, with the NITRO+ variant costing 5499 RMB (about $769), little more than AMD’s stated MSRP, even though there isn’t an official product page yet. The clock rates of the PowerColor Red Devil RX 7900GRE are identical to those of the NITRO+ model, however price information has not yet been released.

Next, let’s talk about PowerColor’s RX 7900 GRE Red Devil model. This model is slimmer and has a 2.5-slot design than the RX 7900 XT & XTX. A triple-fan cooling system with three 10cm fans and seven heat pipes is included with the GPU. Another unique feature of the PowerColor Radeon RX 7900 GRERed Devil is a dual-BIOS switch that allows you can choose between the 2395 MHz (OC) and the 2345 MHz (Silent) configuration. With the OC BIOS, the card may consume up to 800 Watts of power. The AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE GPUs are available in both Intel and AMD offerings, and German system integrator “Memory PC” has advertised Gaming PCs that include them alongside the cards.

PowerColor and Sapphire graphics card for AMD RX 7900GRE