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Four Terraria building tips to create impressive underground bases


Your main goal in Terraria at first, will be to establish a base of operations. Most people will normally build a surface-layer house. However, this leaves you open to attacks by hostile forces. Sky bases are great options for defense but are inaccessible. Building an underground base will be your best next course of action. Early on, building an underground base won’t be difficult; however, transforming it into a formidable underground stronghold is another story. Here are a few pointers to help you get going on that.

1. Decorating Ideas To Make Your Base Look Better

It could be tempting to start destroying every block when making room for your underground shelter, but you should resist doing so because broken items cannot be put back together. Your underground vault will gain some personality from these naturally occurring materials. Some examples of these things are:

  • Heart Crystals
  • Stalagmites and Stalactites
  • Emeralds
  • Topax
  • Axe Head
  • Copper Coin Pile
  • Bone Pile

Four Terraria building tips to create impressive underground bases

After creating the ideal cavern, the next step is to smooth off the stone surfaces. By adding earth and grass to the sides of the base, you may give it some life. Add stone walls, grass walls, and live leaf walls (sparingly) to your base’s aesthetics to give it even more depth and the feel of a long-forgotten ruin.

2. Materials That Can Prevent Corruption in Your Base

You can use particular materials for the exterior of your underground base and dig a deep chasm. Some building materials are immune to corruption and cannot be infected, essential for reducing the chance of infection spreading. The following materials are immune to corruption in Terraria:

  • Wood
  • Silt
  • Ash
  • Clay
  • Gray Bricks
  • Stone Slabs
  • Sandstone Bricks
  • Glass
  • Yellow Stucco
  • Smooth Sandstone
  • Mudstone
  • Ice Bricks

Four Terraria building tips to create impressive underground bases

Sunflowers can also ward from corruption for up to two tiles below. Remember that biomes can still spread if some sensitive blocks are close enough to the surrounding three tiles. Pits are strongly advised for any project that is built on or underground for this additional purpose.

3. Defending against worm enemies and preventing corruption

Building an underground base, however, will present you with two challenges to overcome: worms and corruption. If your area becomes infested, corruption will be quite deadly. Preventing this from happening should be your first focus as soon as you can. Building void zones around your underground stronghold will help protect it from corruption. Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow cannot spread past a pit at least three blocks wide. The three-block-wide pit is the general idea behind this strategy, but it will need to consider your base plan.

Your underground base will be better shielded from Worms, Wraiths, Reapers, Everscreams, and Mourning Woods if it is surrounded by an open area or pit. Using teleporters and pressure plates as secondary protection against other physical threats is a great idea.

Four Terraria building tips to create impressive underground bases

Additionally, putting certain NPCs in your base can reduce the maximum pace at which adversaries can spawn. Keep this in mind if you observe a group of foes consistently attempting to attack your underground residence. You shouldn’t overwork the NPCs once your underground stronghold has increased. Always group them all together.

1. Increasing Your Underground Base’s Defenses

Early on in Terraria, underground bases have a respectable all-around defense, but as you go into a hard level, you will need to make the appropriate preparations. Additionally, developing your underground base will result in more resources rather than using up your surplus, so underground bases will also supply you with endless materials.

Four Terraria building tips to create impressive underground bases

Utilizing some strategically placed traps is a fun method to enhance your base’s defenses even more. You can place a variety of traps that will set off spears, darts, and spiky balls and even drown bothersome foes in lava using simple wiring and pumps. You may fully transform your underground stronghold into a “Home Alone” parody with a little preparation.