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Here Are Roblox Gucci Town Promo Codes list – May 2022


Welcome to our guide, this guide leads to free accessories in new event Roblox Gucci Town. Roblox Gucci Town Promo Codes are detailed in this article, which includes all of the most recent information. Every Gucci events has alot of grinding and its so expensive but it’s not even the real store.

So you must read the complete guide to get everything for free in this game and do not skip any part.

You can get free Pink GG Baseball Hat, purses & Gucci Hair Piece, Also you can get Gucci Oversized Sunglasses.

We know that the accesories can be bought with the game currency like real accesories.

The Roblox Gucci Town may be familiar to you if you’ve played the game. Gems can be earned by playing a variety of different games in this particular game. Playing mini-games and winning the league awards players with GG gems.

It’s exciting news for Philipinos and Americans alike to learn about this new game. Gems earned in the game can be used to purchase in-game clothing that can be worn during gameplay. Roblox Gucci Town Promo Codes will be explained in this article.

There was another event where they put the green limited thing and the items weren’t going limited. The items labeled limited in this event are under the UGC tab and UGC stuff can’t go limited, only stuff made by Roblox.

Does Gucci have a Roblox group?

In this new Roblox experience, based on the Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibition in Florence, limited-edition virtual items for the avatars are available for you to use in your playtime.

Latest Gucci Town Codes list 2022

There are so far now codes of Gucci Town so we have shared methods in above video to get free accessories.

In Gucci Town, how do I use my codes?

There are only a few steps involved in redeeming codes in Roblox Gucci Town:

Using a computer or mobile device, access Roblox Gucci Town.

  • Select “Promotion Code” from the drop-down menu that appears on the right side of the screen.
    Copy and paste a code from our list
  • Insert it into the “Enter Promo Codes Here” text field
  • To claim your prize, simply click the Redeem button!

More About Roblox Gucci Town Event

Gucci has launched a “persistent digital space” on Roblox, officially named Gucci Town, after entering the metaverse with a digital Gucci Garden on the platform last year.

There are several mini-games, a cafe, and an in-game store selling clothing from the Italian fashion house for in-game avatars in the virtual gathering space. Players are encouraged to embrace “the codes” of the leading fashion label while creating their own art in the town’s “Creative Corner” and exploring an exhibition space called Vault Plaza.

So this event is very enjoyable and you can get a lot of items for free in this event we will also keep you updated about the codes so keep coming back to to get everything that you need.