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Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown – Jahandar Boss Fight


Jahandar is a formidable Manticore in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown who can be challenging to take down. He was one of the first major bosses in the game. Jahandar the manticore is the first notable boss in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. The first named mini-boss you’ll need to prepare yourself well for before facing is Jahandar. You’ve already dealt with other named mini-bosses. This page will tell you about the Jahandar boss fight in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

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Preparing for the Jahandar Boss Fight

You can use a few upgrades at this time in the game to aid you in your battle with Jahandar. Visit the Mage in the Magi Emporium in the Haven to obtain:

  • 500-time crystals will grant you an extra healing potion.

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown - Jahandar Boss Fight

A new door in The Haven that leads to Kaheva’s Forge will unlock once you locate Menolias and obtain the bow and chakram. You can improve your armour and amulets there:

  • Invest on better swords. A modest increase in sword damage can be obtained by upgrading to the Qays & Layla +1 level with 325 time crystals and one azure Damascus ingot, which you should have picked up on your trip back to Haven.
  • You can upgrade your Blessing amulet to Blessing +1, which will grant you extra temporary health, for 450 time crystals.
  • You can use Arslan’s Glory +1 to raise your melee attack power for 375 time crystals (when you’re at full health).

If you haven’t been to Artaban’s training grounds yet, take some time to do so and rehearse your defensive techniques, such as parrying and avoiding. Both of them will be useful in the battle.

How to Beat Jahandar

Jahandar will use different kinds of assaults based on how much HP it has. It will first attack with its claw, which is deflectible. It will also stab and inject poison using the stinger on its body; this particular strike is easily avoided but cannot be parried. Jahandar will leap below you and attempt to crush you with its gigantic body as you chip away at its health.

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown - Jahandar Boss Fight

This time, pay attention to the shadow on the ground and try to avoid it before it touches down. The Manticore will occasionally launch a charged assault, but this is nothing to be alarmed about because it allows you to launch a Vengeful Counter. Press the parry button just before it makes contact.

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown - Jahandar Boss Fight

Once Jahandar has used the Vengeful Counter effectively, a sizable portion of his HP should be gone. The creature will swing its stinger to harm you, so proceed cautiously when you creep up on it from behind. As the fight progresses, The Lost Crown boss will use his stinger differently.

Occasionally, he may force it through the earth and deliver it to Sargon’s position.  Using it, it will shoot poisoned missiles in the hero’s direction. In addition, Jahandar will call forth a black ball that will follow Sargon’s path and strike him. To destroy it, use the chakram or the arrows.

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown - Jahandar Boss Fight

Player assaults on Jahandar might restart after the ball has been destroyed. Use the Athra Surge bar to do extra damage to the enemy whenever it is full. Players will receive Time Crystals and a Soma Tree Flower after defeating Jahandar, which they can spend to increase Sargon’s general health.


How do I defeat Jahandar in the “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” boss fight?

To defeat Jahandar, you need to utilize a combination of quick reflexes, precise timing, and strategic use of your attacks. Watch for his patterns and openings, and strike when you see an opportunity. Dodge his attacks and counter with your own to whittle down his health bar.

What are Jahandar’s attack patterns and how can I evade or counter them effectively?

Jahandar has a variety of attacks, including close-range slashes and ranged magic attacks. When he telegraphs his melee strikes, dodge to the side or roll away to avoid getting hit. For his ranged attacks, keep moving to make yourself a harder target, and use cover if available. Be ready to block or parry his attacks to create openings for your own counterattacks.

Are there any specific strategies or techniques I should use during the Jahandar boss fight to increase my chances of success?

One effective strategy is to observe Jahandar’s attack patterns and wait for him to unleash a combo before finding an opening to strike. Use your environment to your advantage, such as pillars or obstacles to block his ranged attacks or to break his line of sight. Additionally, conserve your resources and use them wisely, such as potions or special abilities, to turn the tide of the battle when needed.

Can I use any special abilities or powers to gain an advantage over Jahandar in the battle?

Yes, your character likely possesses special abilities or powers that can be used strategically during the fight. Experiment with different abilities to see which ones work best against Jahandar. For example, if you have a teleport ability, you can use it to quickly close the distance between you and Jahandar or evade his attacks.

Are there any environmental elements or objects that I can utilize to aid me in defeating Jahandar?

Yes, keep an eye out for environmental hazards or objects that you can use to your advantage. For example, explosive barrels can be thrown at Jahandar to deal significant damage, or you can use the terrain to your advantage by luring him into traps or areas where his movement is restricted.