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Against The Storm – How to Get Ancient Tablet


In the tumult of time, ancient tablets emerge as silent witnesses to history’s unfolding drama. Yet, their retrieval is a quest against the storm—challenging, perilous, and mysterious. To grasp their secrets is to defy oblivion itself. Join us as we navigate the treacherous currents of antiquity, uncovering the enigmatic allure of these relics and the daring endeavors required to claim them from the tempest’s grasp.

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What Are Ancient Tablets?

In the world of “Against the Storm,” ancient tablets serve as conduits to the past, containing invaluable knowledge, secrets, and insights into forgotten civilizations and lost cultures. These tablets are coveted artifacts sought after by scholars, historians, and adventurers alike, as they hold the potential to unlock mysteries, uncover ancient technologies, and reveal forgotten wisdom.

Against The Storm - How to Get Ancient Tablet

During the development of your settlement, Ancient Tablets in Against the Storm are not utilized for any kind of noteworthy mechanic or city upgrades. Their description clarifies that your primary goal is to sell them to traders and merchants in exchange for amber. Ancient Tablets are very profitable valuables that can bring you rare materials or money during trading. They are valued at 8× Amber a slate.

How to Get Ancient Tablets

Obtaining ancient tablets in “Against the Storm” requires a blend of exploration, ingenuity, and resilience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Research and Preparation: Begin by studying historical records, ancient texts, and archaeological findings to pinpoint potential locations where ancient tablets may be found. Prepare adequately for the expedition by assembling a knowledgeable team and gathering essential supplies.
  2. Exploration and Surveying: Venture into uncharted territories, ancient ruins, and remote landscapes where these tablets are rumored to exist. Conduct thorough surveys and excavations, employing advanced mapping techniques and archaeological tools to uncover hidden chambers and buried artifacts.
  3. Solving Puzzles and Riddles: Many ancient tablets are guarded by intricate puzzles, cryptic inscriptions, and enigmatic riddles. Utilize your intellect and problem-solving skills to decipher these challenges, drawing upon clues from the surrounding environment and historical context.
  4. Overcoming Obstacles: Navigate through treacherous environments, natural hazards, and hostile adversaries that may obstruct your path to the ancient tablets. Adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the storm, utilizing innovative strategies and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles.
  5. Respecting Cultural Sensitivities: Exercise caution and respect when interacting with ancient sites and artifacts, honoring the cultural significance and historical importance of these relics. Adhere to ethical guidelines and conservation principles to ensure the preservation of these treasures for future generations.
  6. Documenting and Preserving: Record detailed observations, photographs, and documentation of the ancient tablets and their surroundings. Preserve these artifacts with care and precision, maintaining their integrity and authenticity for scholarly study and public appreciation.

Against The Storm - How to Get Ancient Tablet

By following these steps and embracing the spirit of adventure, you can embark on a thrilling quest to acquire ancient tablets in “Against the Storm,” enriching your understanding of the past and unraveling the mysteries of forgotten civilizations.


Where can I find ancient tablets in “Against the Storm”?

Ancient tablets can be found in various locations throughout the game world, including hidden chambers within ruins, buried beneath the earth, or concealed within ancient artifacts. Exploring different regions and conducting thorough surveys is key to discovering their whereabouts.

What skills or abilities are required to obtain ancient tablets?

Acquiring ancient tablets often requires a combination of skills such as puzzle-solving, exploration, archaeological knowledge, and strategic thinking. Players may need to employ different tactics and approaches depending on the challenges presented by each tablet’s location.

Are there any dangers or obstacles to overcome when seeking ancient tablets?

Yes, players must navigate through hazardous environments, overcome natural obstacles, and contend with hostile adversaries who may seek to thwart their progress. Additionally, environmental hazards such as storms and collapsing structures pose significant risks during exploration.

Can I trade or exchange for ancient tablets in “Against the Storm”?

While trading for ancient tablets is not a direct feature in the game, players may encounter NPCs or factions who possess valuable information or resources related to the tablets. Building positive relationships and alliances with these characters could potentially lead to valuable insights or assistance in obtaining the tablets.

What happens after I acquire an ancient tablet?

Acquiring an ancient tablet unlocks valuable knowledge, insights, or abilities that can aid players in their quest to survive and thrive against the storm. These discoveries may include new technologies, historical revelations, or special powers that enhance gameplay and progression.