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Proper Reasons To Demist Your Vehicle Windows


The winter season is never predictable and the months of February & March will bring more cold windy weather. Maintaining your car in this wintry weather is essential, especially if you’re not planning to scrap your vehicle soon. And one of the maintenance procedures that you have to keep in perspective is demisting your car windows. 

So, why should you demist your vehicle windows? Let’s find out. 

Inherent Reasons To Demist Your Vehicle Windows

1. Maintaining Safety Not For Yourself But Also For Others

According to a well-known company offering services such as cars for cash in Auckland, vehicle owners always take their vehicles for granted. Even though vehicles can help you move from one place to another without any issues, they can become dangerous if any problem starts developing internally or if they’re not ideally maintained. As a result, you’ll not only put yourself in danger but also others. 

That’s why regular servicing of your vehicle is highly recommended so that you can keep your car in good condition, which also includes demisting your vehicle windows. By demisting your vehicle windows, you can maintain a proper view of the road that you’re driving on, thereby lowering any risks of accidents or mishaps. 

2. Not Being Able To Maintain Proper Distance Between Vehicles In The Traffic

It’s a popular fact that you should maintain at least two seconds worth of distance between your car and the vehicle that’s in front of your car. The number will increase to four seconds if it’s raining or snowing. However, having foggy windscreens and windows will lead to more issues, especially during the winter months. 

The primary root of misting is condensation – when the warm air from the inside of your home meets the cold windscreen (or windows) – thereby creating a mist on the window & windscreen surface. 

Thus, if you don’t take care of the misting issue, then you’ll not be able to maintain a proper distance from other vehicles in the traffic, leading to accidents or damages. 

How Can You Demist Your Windows?

It’s always suggested that you should demist your vehicle windscreen & windows before you start your driving session, rather than trying to demist while you’re driving. 

In case any layer of mist develops while you’re driving, then you should pull over your vehicle to the side and perform the demisting process. Once it’s done, you can continue with your journey. Furthermore, you can avoid misting by cleaning your vehicle thoroughly regularly and also polishing the windows & windscreen, so that any formation of condensation can be prevented. Lastly, if your vehicle is old and is on its last legs, then it’s time worth thinking about whether you should scrap your vehicle. In case you decide to do it, don’t hesitate to contact us.