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PUBG Mobile: Four Countries Banned The Popular Game


PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it is prominently known, has been brought somewhere around the Chinese government. Tencent, the tech organization behind PUBG, assembled more than 70 million players in the nation. They even attempted to meet all the unbending standards with respect to web-based recreations set by the Chinese government. The organization at that point built up a restricted PUBG Mobile diversion with overwhelming changes in the recreations feel and decrease in vicious substance. For quite a while now, PUBG had confronted crackdown in China.

Chinese experts have uncovered that the crackdown should “control the quantity of new web-based amusements, investigate an age-suitable update framework in accordance with national conditions, and take measures to restrain the utilization time of minors.”

This new form of PUBG praises the Blue Sky Warriors who were a piece of the PUBG Mobile People’s Liberation Army Air Force. It additionally has the equivalent ongoing interaction, foundation, visual communication and characters as PUBG. The organization additionally moved clients in-diversion details to Game for Peace from PUBG.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile ban tracker: Banned in four countries so far

Fight Royale game PUBG Mobile has since its dispatch become perhaps the most famous. Cell phone games and in December a year ago, the organization had uncovered that. It had gotten more than 30 million day by day dynamic clients. The numbers are most likely altogether higher now as the game’s fame keeps on ascending among the adolescent.

While the game’s client base has been keen to the game, the equivalent can’t be said about guardians. Specialists who have on different events denounced the game, venturing to such. An extreme as to advocate a restriction on the game.

While a few guardians asserted that the game was too irresistible for youngsters, bringing about horrible. Showing in tests, other guaranteed that the shooting and slaughtering parts. The game advanced brutality and were mentally affecting the strength of small kids.


This may come as an astonishment yet PUBG Mobile was once restricted in China. The portable variant of PUBG has been created by Tencent Games, which is a Chinese element.

As an answer for this issue, the organization dispatched a different variant of the game called Game For Peace. The new application utilized comparable guides to the worldwide rendition, however got totally freed of all the gore. In this game, if a character is slaughtered, rather than seeing red hit shots they would be green. Also, the dead body won’t lie in a pool of blood yet all things being equal, they would say farewell and take off.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) restricted PUBG Mobile as the administrative was getting grumblings against the game. The administrative explained that these grievances proposed that the game was too addictive and had unfriendly wellbeing impacts on youngsters’ physical and mental wellbeing.


To tackle this issue, the organization needs to set up discrete workers for the country. PUBG Mobile likewise got some country-explicit changes that permitted players to get new highlights, maps, skins, and so forth sooner than the worldwide forms.


The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) likewise restricted PUBG Mobile recently. The administrative needed to found the boycott after the PIL to boycott. The administrative needed to unban the application.

When will PUBG Mobile relaunch in India?

PUBG Corporation has broken binds with Tencent Games to dispatch the game – PUBG Mobile India. The organization has likewise enlisted an auxiliary in India and has been chipping away at putting cash in the country. In any case, they are as yet anticipating official endorsement from the public authority.

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