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Recurring Season 22 Raid Name Rumors from the Destiny 2 Leak


According to a fresh leak for Destiny 2, the next reprised raid will be revealed with the release of Season 22 and reportedly upgraded with new gameplay and prizes. Beginning with the Vault of Glass in Season of the Splicer and King’s Fall in Season of Plunder, every expansion since the Beyond Light era has included a raid from the original game. Gamers have praised Bungie for being able to create classic encounter ideas for the two returning raids, something that gamers have felt lacking in recent six-man endgame activities in Destiny 2.

Raids are large-scale group activities that are common in most MMORPGs. They are the height of cooperation amongst players as they cooperate to overcome difficult mechanics, navigate dangerous obstacle courses, and defeat demanding bosses to gain incredibly potent loot. The first raid in the original Destiny threw players into the temporal underbelly of the Vex civilization with the Vault of Glass. The franchise has 14 raids, including the two reprisals and two raid lairs already stated. Raids are closely connected to the story and frequently result in revelations about the nature of Light and Darkness. They represent the pinnacle of PvE action throughout the history of the two games.

Bungie has been coy about the raid’s name, stating that it will be released on September 1 and that its initial completion challenge requirements would be the same as those of past returning raids. Crota’s End, however, will be the featured and reprised raid of the following season, according to a new leak that The Game Post published. According to information provided by other suspected leakers, the Hive Prince has been identified as the Guardians’ next target, albeit this is not an official statement to confirm the leak’s legitimacy. It’s crucial to remember that past leaks have suggested Crota’s End would have improved mechanisms to counteract the rise in player power in Destiny 2.

The community has always speculated about rumored raids, primarily to create interest. The community for Destiny 2 has, however, been divided by the series of leaks indicating the reappearance of Crota’s End. Crota’s End was infamous for being solvable even in the early days, and because of how quickly it could be completed, many in the community compared it to a strike. The community members who wanted Wrath of the Machines to return in Season 22 haven’t been discouraged by the offer of revamped mechanics and Champion combatants.

Many players have noted that Crota will have made his fourth official appearance if the leaks are accurate, tying Taniks’ record. Many believe it would be a mistake to emphasize further one of the primary points of the criticism Bungie is receiving for its lack of clear communication regarding Destiny 2, repeated content, and other difficulties. The company has promised more details up to the forthcoming annual presentation and Season 22’s formal announcement on August 22, which can perhaps reveal the name of the reprised raid in question.