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Redfall 10+ Helpful Tips That You Need To Know


Redfall map

Redfall is a challenging place to survive, with its vampire infestation and Cultus Bellwether. However, with the right tips and tricks, you and your friends can stop the Vampocalypse and emerge victorious.

Here are some essential strategies for surviving Redfall.

  1. Stock up before leaving a safe house or fire station

  • Before heading out into the world of Redfall, it’s essential to stock up on ammo, lock picks, and rewire kits.
  • These tools will help you not only to get into houses but also to access safes and chests that contain weapons drops.
  • Finding a safe house in each region is a great safety blanket as it provides a fast travel and restock point for your lock pick and rewire kit.
  1. Locate safe houses

  • Safe houses are not initially marked on the map, but you can find them by pulling up the map when you fast travel.
  • Look for the dots that have located named locations as these are the safe houses.
  • Pay attention to the environment and the notes you find throughout the world as they can provide clues on different ways to complete objectives.
  1. Use lock picks and rewire kits wisely

  • Avoid wasting lock picks and rewire kits on doors unless necessary.
  • Instead, try to find an alternate way into the house or area, such as a window you can break or climb through.
  1. Collect Gravelocks

  • Gravelocks are found throughout the world and can provide you with a little bit of story and a passive buff depending on how many you’ve collected.
  • Pay attention to the environment and collect them as you explore the world.
  1. Clear Redfall Commons

  • Once you’ve defeated the first vampire God in Redfall Commons, you won’t be able to return.
  • Ensure that you have cleared everything in the region, including side quests and exploration, before starting that quest to the other side.
  1. Check for car alarms and destroy Red Fume Generators

  • When looting a car, ensure you check if it has a car alarm that you can disable.
  • You can destroy Red Fume Generators with the UV beam by petrifying them and then punching them to get rid of the Red Smoke in the area.
  1. Choose the right hero and skills

  • Each of the four unique characters in Redfall has unique abilities and skills.
  • Picking the right hero can be challenging, but it’s worth investing in skills to get stronger skills at the end of the line quicker.
  • Focus on one of the three abilities for your skills, such as increasing your ammo count or Raven line to mark enemies.
  1. Upgrade your gear

  • Upgrading your gear is essential for survival in Redfall.
  • Weapons have rarity ranging from Gray to Legendary, and it’s worth finding the best ones throughout the world, such as from Vampire Nests.
  • Pay attention to the weapon’s stats and passives, as a higher level doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than a piece of gear you already have.
  1. Defeat vampires

  • Staking vampires is the most common way to defeat them, but you can also use the UV beam, stake launcher, or weapons with unique passives.
  • It’s also essential to plan your attack and pay attention to environmental effects on the ground and enemy placement,
  1. Explore the archive

  • If you’re not sure about a vampire type, check it in the archive to learn more about it and how to deal with it.
  • The archive contains other useful information you can read at your own pace.
  1. Customize your experience

  • You can change the difficulty if things are too hard or too easy, and there’s also a harder difficulty that unlocks once you’ve completed the main story.
  • Furthermore, you can customize your gear and character in the menu by changing skins for stakes, outfits, and other items that you can collect throughout the world.

Final Thoughts

Surviving Redfall can be challenging, but with these tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to stock up on necessary tools, find safe houses, and choose the right hero and skills. Pay attention to environmental effects, enemy placement, and vampire types, and upgrade your gear to increase your survival chances.