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Redfall: Best Legendary Weapons and How to Get Them


Redfall is an exciting game that pits players against hordes of undead creatures, and choosing the right weapons can be crucial to success. In this game where you find yourself in the midst of a harrowing situation as a town is besieged by a powerful force of bloodthirsty vampires.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best weapons in Redfall and provide tips on how to obtain them.

Best Weapons in Redfall

The best weapons in Redfall will depend on players’ preferred playstyle and combat preferences. We have listed some of the top weapons below:

  • Death Spiral (Best Pistol): A reliable medium to short-range weapon with a fast fire rate and recharge speed.
  • Lockjaw (Best Shotgun): A powerful shotgun with medium-sized ammo and the ability to stake vampires.
  • Cass Special (Best Assault Rifle): A fast and solid assault rifle with a large size of 40 rounds and the ability to stake vampires.
  • Yokai (Best Sniper Rifle): A sniper rifle for long-range combat, which can take out enemies from a distance.
  • Sawfish (Best Stake Gun): A unique weapon with a long to medium-range distance and the ability to stake enemies.
  • UV Beam M01 (Best UV Beam): Perfect for taking on hordes of enemies at once, with a continuous light emission fire rate.

How to Obtain the Best Weapons in Redfall

There are 5 ways to get the best weapons in Redfall:

  1. Vampire Nests: These are randomized areas that contain a wealth of weapons. Once players reach the final room, they must destroy the big heart to spawn the coveted loot container. Keep an eye out for red crystals, which hold the key to getting some of the best weapons in Redfall.
  2. Basswood Pawn Shop Safe: Fast travel to the Basswood Safehouse and purchase a Lockpick and a Rewire Kit. Head south to the Pawn Shop and pick the front door’s lock. Use the Rewire Kit to open the Large Safe against the back wall. Loot the Legendary weapon and repeat the steps to obtain the weapon again.
  3. Union Market Safe: Fast travel to the Heritage Rock Safehouse and buy two Lockpicks. Travel west to the Union Market, use the fire escape to reach the second floor, and break the window to enter. Pick the lock of the door to the right and open the Small Safe under the bed with a Lockpick. Quit to the main menu and repeat the steps to obtain the weapon again.
  4. Redfall Police Station Weapon Crate: Purchase two Lockpicks at the Maritime Center and run east to the Redfall Police Station. Enter through the open garage and take a right. Descend the stairs and use a Lockpick to open the door ahead. Open the Weapon Container on the table to the left and loot the Legendary weapon. Quit to the main menu and repeat the steps to obtain the weapon again.
  5. The Rook: Repeatedly summon and dispatch Redfall’s Rook, a powerful vampire that always drops a Legendary weapon when defeated. It will spawn every time that players fill the Rook Storm meter that appears after completing the Fall Like Lightning main story mission. Players can fill the Rook Storm meter by setting off alarms, killing special vampires, and clearing Vampire Nests in Redfall. Setting off alarms is the fastest method.


Choosing the right weapons in Redfall is essential for success. Death Spiral, Lockjaw, Cass Special, Yokai, Sawfish, and UV Beam M01 are some of the best weapons in Redfall. Players can obtain the best weapons in the game by exploring Vampire Nests, targeting alarms, and repeatedly summoning and defeating the Rook. With the right weapons, players can take down the undead with confidence and emerge victorious in Redfall. You may also be interested in how to get rich in redfall quickly.