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Redfall – How to Find Amelia’s Toy Rabbit


Finding the deceased Amelia’s card and toy rabbit is the goal of the Redfall quest Amelia’s Memorial, which you must complete to create a memorial for her in the Fire Station (your headquarters). Amelia had previously forgotten the plush bunny at the church’s lost and found department, where it was last observed. You are given the mission by Eva to locate the toy rabbit, but when you arrive at the church, you are taken on a real easter egg search. This post will walk you through finding Amelia’s play rabbit in Redfall:

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How to Find Amelia’s Toy Rabbit

To begin with, you should enter the church through the door on the left or right and proceed behind the preacher’s platform. Proceed to the center of the corridor, beyond the lifeless corpses in the subsequent chamber, and ascend the staircase to reach the upper level. This is an office; the desk is located in the room’s back left corner.

After picking up Amelia’s first item from the desk, proceed to the bulletin board and read the note there. Amelia’s toy rabbit may have been donated, according to the note, but you should locate a donation list to be certain. Return to the church door where the missing person posters are posted to locate the donation list.To go to the attic, climb the stairs on the right side of the chamber and then the following flight up.

Continue climbing the steps until you get to an ascending ladder. But avoid climbing that ladder. Alternatively, you can locate a small platform with a dead person on it by looking directly underneath the ladder. Additionally, a table containing a donation list will be present, marked with a notice. As you read it, you will discover that the mobile home neighborhood northwest of your current location received a donation of Amelia’s toy rabbit.

Go to the community of mobile homes that is indicated on your map. From here, locate Amelia’s toy rabbit by following the yellow quest symbol on your compass. However, the screenshot below shows the trailer that the toy rabbit is located in.

After obtaining the rabbit, return to the fire station, go upstairs to the conference room, and set Amelia’s belongings on the window ledge. After that, have a conversation with Eva to finish this Redfall task.

How to Find Amelia’s Card

To start with, let’s remove the card. When you get to the church, proceed to the back of the structure, where the pulpit is located. Three doors go from this area to an office, a large room with stairs at the back, and a play area for children.

Proceed through the center door and ascend the rear staircase. Amelia’s Card is on the desk in the room’s corner next to the bloody corpses on the ground. Additionally, it is highlighted in yellow, making it obvious.


What happened to Amelia in Redfall?

This unconventional therapy reduced his problems, but it also eventually killed Amelia. Driven to spare no effort, and using a butterfly pin as a kind of payment to persuade the tiny child to consent to the treatment, Dr. Addison kept drawing Amelia’s blood until it finally killed her.

Where is the key to Amelia’s room in Redfall?

Go to Addison’s lab on the first floor’s northeast corner and take the key to Amelia’s room from his desk. At this point, players can go upstairs and open Amelia’s room. Make careful to deal with the vampire that is asleep in the room just across the hallway.

Where is the Bella doll in Redfall?

Bella is located outside the mansion in the large greenhouse. Just inside the glass building, and you will see the doll perched next to a plant.

Where is Butterfly Needle Redfall?

The third echo will be seen, and then Addison’s Lab Key will show up. Utilize it to access the lab and communicate with the last echo. Upon completion of the last echo, the Butterfly Needle will materialize on the couch. After grabbing it, teleport back out of the dollhouse to finish the objective!

How do you fight the hollow man in Redfall?

To remove the shield and carry on hitting him, you must destroy every Bloodbag. Keep in mind that Bloodbags explode when they are slain, so stay away. This sequence will keep happening until the Hollow Man eventually falls to the ground. Stake him in the chest and run to his face!