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Tekken 8 – How to Block


One of the trickier fighting games available is Tekken 8, thus learning how to block is essential if you want to start winning more frequently. Skilled players are able to defend themselves as well as take advantage of their opponents’ mistakes and openings. Remember that blocking won’t stop all incoming damage if your opponent has Heat activated. To counter that, you’ll need to either go on the offensive or dodge their strikes. You will learn how to block in Tekken 8 by reading this article:

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How to Block

Though it seems straightforward on paper, blocking in Tekken 8 is full of subtleties and complexity. Holding back on the movement stick or D-Pad will prevent high and mid-range assaults. You have to hold down and back to deflect low assaults simultaneously. Most high attacks will miss you entirely when you block low, but there’s still a significant risk. Most launchers are mid. Therefore, as you crouch, you will be hit by mid-strikes.

Tekken 8 - How to Block

Many players attempt to irritate their opponents by using weak attacks, which makes them crouch and allows them to unleash powerful combos. You can also block in Tekken without holding any direction (neutral), but just to be cautious, I advise holding back because certain attacks can break a neutral guard.

How to Low Parry

You can low parry to catch your opponent off guard and retaliate if you know they’ll try to launch a low attack. Pressing down and forward at the same time, right before your opponent launches a low attack, allows you to parry low.

Tekken 8 - How to Block

Low parries reward a good read on your opponent and are a high-risk, high-return move. When you make a few low parries during a match, your opponent will be discouraged and unlikely to try sweeping you again.


What button is block on Tekken?

In order to deflect incoming damage in Tekken 8, you must press back on the left stick or d-pad, away from your opponent.

How do you guard in Tekken?

Holding down the back button while defending is referred to as a Standing Guard. To do a Crouch Guard, hold back and crouch diagonally. In addition, the player will defend in the neutral guard position, which is when they remain motionless. In Tekken 2, Neutral Guard made its debut.

Does Tekken have parry?

Tekken 3 introduced parrying. However, some characters—like Leo, Marshall Law, and Baek Doo San—usually get an attack following a successful parry. The majority of parries typically target extremely certain attacks, like some but not all punches.

How do you shield in Tekken?

All you have to do is hold back on the directional pad to guard while standing. Press down and back together on the directional pad to defend while crouching. Low assaults are not blocked by standing guard, but all high or mid-range attacks are.

Will Tekken 8 have rollback?

Director Katushiro Harada announced in April 2023 that Tekken 8’s rollback netcode will be accessible on all platforms.