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Redfall – Bloody Tom Boss Fight


One of the most terrifying enemies in Arkane Studios’ co-op shooter Redfall is Bloody Tom, an undead monster that players encounter as the second Vampire God they encounter. He was once a man, but a series of experiments turned him into a monster. You can learn how to defeat Bloody Tom in Redfall by reading this article:

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One Strange Trip for Bloody Tom’s Saga

Bloody Tom was once Dr. Thomas Kildere, one of the clever but deranged founders of the mysterious Aevum Therapeutics, a corporation with its headquarters in the town of Redfall, according to information gathered by the Bellwether surveillance team. Kildere quickly became resentful of his newfound duty after being forced to interrupt his job as a physicist in order to care for his dying father.

Redfall - Bloody Tom Boss Fight

Kildere is more focused on his own experimentation with potent psychedelics and less worried about his father’s condition, leading him to consider a drastic solution. Kildere abandons his father after learning of a potent new drug known as the “Gateway sample” that is in the hands of his previous employer. Kildere leaves his father in his chamber by himself to die, prodded on by the vicious doctor Alice Young (who would go on to become the Vampire God known as Miss Whisper).

The bell, which the dying dad had previously rung to call Kildere, came to represent the guilt that would eventually overwhelm the anguished scientist. Guilt would fuel his metamorphosis into Bloody Tom and unleash havoc on the town of Redfall when paired with the source of the “Gateway sample.”

Best Weapons to Beat Bloody Tom

The weapons you choose to use in this boss battle are very important. Stake launcher, sniper rifle, and assault rifle are the weapons I advise having. In a little amount of time, the assault rifle will deal a significant quantity of damage. Since Bloody Tom’s head is a vulnerable point, aim for it to deal extra damage.

Although they reload more slowly than an AR, stake launchers and sniper rifles are still excellent choices. I suggest switching out your equipped shotgun if you have one. You won’t get near enough to deal significant harm. You will be open to his attacks if you attempt to approach him.

Defeating Bloody Tom in Redfall

There is a cave where this specific boss fight is taking place. A breach in the cavern opens, revealing Bloody Tom, who launches a hail of red mist towards you. The crimson mist can do a lot of harm if you are not careful. There’s a way to sidestep this battle and take out the boss really quickly. Let me start by pointing out that the cavern has three holes.

Redfall - Bloody Tom Boss Fight

When the fight gets rough, Bloody Tom emerges from the middle one. He will retreat and reappear from one of the other holes once you have sufficiently reduced his health. It’s also important to notice that the cavern is filled with stalagmites. These are essential for fighting Bloody Tom since they give you the cover you need to stay safe from his blows.

At any moment, if you find yourself trapped in the crimson mist, seek shelter by running across the tunnel until you come upon a stalagmite. I think being patient is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you. He will always strike, so stay away from him and wait to counterattack until he’s finished (watch out for any red mist, too).


What is the last mission in Redfall?

The middle missions can be completed in a variety of orders due to the selection process, although Dead in the Water will always be the first mission completed and The Black Sun the last. The game has a definite beginning and end.

Can you be a vampire in Redfall?

Although there isn’t a vs mode in Redfall where you can play as the vampires or their minions, you can still play as the vampire hunters. There are just two options: solo or cooperative (which supports up to four people).

What caused the vampires in Redfall?

The vampires of Redfall are not your normal bloodsuckers. They came into being as a result of a disastrous scientific experiment and are still developing today. Some vampires gain strong talents and mature into larger, more menacing vampires after transforming.

How many vampire gods are in Redfall?

Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, The Hollow Man, and The Black Sun are the four vampire gods that are known to exist. Each Vampire God has a lair that must be entered by gathering three underboss skulls and the vampire remnant associated with that god.

Can you upgrade weapons on Redfall?

To begin with, they ought to be more liberal with the “legendary” drops given that you are unable to level up weapons. You outlevel your weapons really quickly to avoid throwing balance off. They now have to drop much more frequently from these new interactions.