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Redfall – How to Play Co-Op


Redfall’s deadly cults and bloodthirsty vampires are best defeated by players teaming up in multiplayer and combining their characters’ special skills to fit the action-packed gameplay better. Although you can play Arkane’s vampire-slaying first-person shooter alone, playing with others can enhance the fun and even provide you with bonuses. You can learn how to play cooperative in Redfall by reading this article:

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What are the Benefits of Playing Co-Op in Redfall?

Redfall encourages teamwork, even if it may be played alone. Gradually, assuming the roles of many heroes fosters mutual trust. Players’ trust levels vary, and reaching a higher level opens up a more engaging dialogue between those characters and benefits like faster revive times and greater experience gained from defeated foes.

In my experience, building trust with a teammate involves being there for them when they need you, helping them when they’re down, and bringing them back to life. Furthermore, the skills of several heroes can enhance one another.

Redfall - How to Play Co-Op

For instance, I launched my friend Devinder into the air with my Layla’s Lift ability, allowing him to better understand our adversaries before striking them with his Arc Javelin. I would suggest that each member of your team choose a different hero from the others before joining in together, as these advantages do stem mostly from playing as distinct heroes in cooperative games.

How to Invite Friends 

To play with someone in Redfall, you must either ask them for their Bethesda Account ID or add them as friends on your current platform. Redfall does not enable random matchmaking. Additionally, you must choose one of you to serve as the host. This is significant since the host keeps the entire plot development.

Redfall - How to Play Co-Op

Additionally, it’s crucial since the difficulty of multiplayer games depends on the host and the number of participants (more on this later). For this reason, I suggest that novice players avoid hosts with a lot of expertise. Getting started with cooperation is rather simple once you’ve chosen the host.

Redfall - How to Play Co-Op

Every player must confirm that they are on the main menu. After that, the host must choose “Host Game” to enter a multiplayer lobby. When they enter the lobby, the host’s list should appear immediately; if not, select the option to display the friend’s list. Choose the friends you wish to play with from this list, then click “Invite Player.”

Redfall - How to Play Co-Op

By bringing up their friends list on the main menu, those invited can see this invitation. There shouldn’t be a “Game Invites” area on the friends list with the host’s name underneath it. After choosing the host’s name, click “Accept.” You all need to press the “Ready” button to get ready once everyone has entered the lobby.

How to Play Co-Op

Unlike other cooperative shooters, Redfall’s online play is subject to stricter limitations. First, there isn’t a matchmaking system, so you won’t be able to discover gaming companions unless you have pals that play on PCs or Xboxes. Here’s how to get started if your crew is prepared.

  • Click on the Host Game option on the menu.
  • To invite up to three others to join your lobby, navigate to your friends list.
  • To start the game, once everyone has joined, just click Ready.
  • You need to wait to be invited and accept it via the Game Invites menu if a friend is hosting.

It’s crucial to remember that in multiplayer, any plot advancements will only be preserved by the host. Any story missions completed in cooperative play that the other players haven’t already completed must be replayed. Any levels, gear, or weapons acquired during those sessions are what each player will retain.

Redfall - How to Play Co-Op

You cannot join or invite participants to a game that is already underway since cooperative play needs to be initiated from the main menu. You must exit the game and create a new lobby with your friends if you wish to partner up.


Is Redfall single player or multiplayer?

Redfall continues the tradition of Arkane’s narrative-driven, single-player adventures, which give players never-before-seen levels of autonomy. It’s Arkane’s first time playing cooperatively, but you can also finish the game by yourself.

Does Redfall have bots?

The absence of bots is a serious issue. If you play as a lone player, the game may seem quite lifeless. It’s all very Dead Island.

Can you be a vampire in Redfall?

Although there isn’t a vs mode in Redfall where you can play as the vampires or their minions, you can still play as the vampire hunters. There are just two options: solo or cooperative (which supports up to four people).

How do you break a shield in Redfall?

To remove the shield and carry on hitting him, you must destroy every Bloodbag. Keep in mind that Bloodbags explode when they are slain, so stay away.

What caused the vampires in Redfall?

Originally, the vampires in Redfall were a group of affluent and highly intellectual biotech entrepreneurs from Aevum Therapeutics who came to the island, purchased some land, and began conducting tests and research into life extension and longevity.