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How To Be A Good Impostor In Among Us


It is the players’ responsibility to determine who the Impostor is before they kill all of their other Crewmates in the game Among Us. In order to attain his purpose, the Impostor would lie and manipulate people. Before it’s too late, the rest of the crew must identify and expose him by a vote.

Playing as an Impostor may be quite difficult, especially if you’re a novice player. Let’s speak about some useful ideas and tactics that can assist you in winning. We’ll also address some of the most pressing questions you’ve submitted.

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What Is an Impostor?

An Impostor is a player who must kill the majority of Crewmates in order to win, and they must do it before all missions have been performed. In a round, it is possible to have more than one Impostor.

They are virtually indistinguishable from one another until they begin to kill. It is at this point in the kill animation that the enormous jaws and teeth appear.

Impostors are unable to do jobs, despite the fact that they have created a fictitious work list to assist them blend in. They will be able to behave in a manner comparable to Crewmates in this manner.

One of the Impostor’s skills is the ability to ruin an operation. Crewmates are compelled to overcome issues or else they will be unable to perform assignments. During this period of bewilderment, impostors have the ability to kill Crewmates.

Venting refers to the act of moving around by use of vents. Only Impostors are capable of doing this, and they can conceal themselves in vents to surprise people. The act of killing and then fleeing is an excellent method of avoiding notice.

Aside than that, Impostors are quite similar to Crewmates. Their abilities include pressing the Emergency Button, reporting bodies, and interacting with certain things. It is up to the Impostor to persuade others of their own innocence while also assassinating lone Crewmates in the background.

Among Us: How To Be A Good Impostor?

Among Us is a game where players have to find out who the Impostor is before they kill all of the fellow Crewmates. The Impostor will lie and trick to achieve his goal. Crewmates must identify and expose him through voting before it’s too late.

Among Us: How to Be a Good Impostor?Playing as an Impostor can be very challenging, especially if you’re new. Let’s talk about some good tips and tricks to help you win. We’ll also answer some burning questions you have.

What Is an Impostor?

An Impostor is a player who has to kill the majority of Crewmates to win, and they have to do it before all tasks are completed. There can be more than one Impostor in a round.

Visually, they’re indistinguishable until they start killing. That’s when the large mouths and teeth appear in the kill animation.

Impostors can’t do tasks, though they have a fake task list to help them blend in. This way, they can behave similarly to Crewmates.

One of the Impostor’s abilities is to sabotage. This forces Crewmates to resolve problems or they can’t complete tasks. Impostors can kill Crewmates during this confusion.

Venting is the act of using vents to move around. Only Impostors can do this, and they can hide in vents to surprise others. Killing and then venting away is a great way to escape detection.

Other than this, Impostors resemble Crewmates. They can use the Emergency Button, report corpses, and interact with certain objects. It’s up to the Impostor to convince others of their innocence while killing lone Crewmates covertly.

Among Us: Top Five Ways to Win as the Imposter

Now that you have a basic idea of what an Impostor can do, let’s take a look at five of the best ways you can win. They’re all effective strategies proven in the game. They are:

  • Behave like a Crewmate.

Just because you have some fake tasks doesn’t mean you can’t blend in perfectly. Pretend to do some tasks and then sneak some kills in here and there. When asked what you were doing, give a relevant task to your area.

Don’t just throw tasks at each other. Indicate where you were at the time, or state that you were on your way there. That has a better chance of persuading the other Crewmates. Make yourself invisible and bide your time.

  • Vote as though you were a Crewmate.

When suspicion is placed against a Crewmate or even an Impostor, it is best to vote with the majority of the group. By following the majority, you increase your chances of avoiding scrutiny. Yes, that may entail voting the second Impostor out as well, if there is more than one.

If there is still a lot of skepticism, you can persuade them to forego the trip. In the early stages of a round of Among Us, something like this happens. You can do this even if you are in the latter levels of the game.

Keep in mind that this will not be effective for everyone. When the moment comes to vote your fellow Impostor out, you may find yourself with no option but to do so.

  • Vet Crewmates and gain their trust.

Everyone is attempting to figure out who is in the clear in between killings and meeting after meeting. You are welcome to engage in the fray and vouch for your fellow Crewmates. This has the effect of keeping you off the hook for a longer period of time.

Inform them that you witnessed Red doing a task elsewhere. There is a possibility that other Crewmates will be able to confirm your testimony. In the long run, this will lead to a great deal of uncertainty, particularly in the late game.

That’s when you need to attack quickly. Make use of your trust as a disguise.

  • Abuse crowd killing.

Sabotage the lights or communications in order to assemble a large number of Crewmates. Because they want to continue, everyone will be hurrying to solve them as soon as possible. This is an excellent opportunity to murder someone.

As soon as they are all collected together, you can pretend to be working on the lights or communications and then murder a Crewmate. The presence of a large number of people will make discovery less likely. If you play your cards correctly, no one will be able to figure out who did it.

During the voting round, you might attempt to confuse the Crewmates in order to get them to remove one another from the competition. This can dramatically improve your chances of winning the lottery.. No one has the same level of confidence in the other anymore.

Crowd killing is often successful, but it should not be employed excessively. You can even pretend to kill a large number of people while sparing them in order to cause fear.

  • Sabotage for the last kill.

Sabotages will allow you to win the game in the last phases of the game, when there is only one Impostor and two Crewmates or two Impostors and three Crewmates left in the game. Initiate a deadly sabotage attack that they will be forced to repair.

Fortunately, because these deadly sabotage events like as reactor meltdowns and oxygen failures force them to split up, you can just murder one Crewmate and win. When there are the same number of Crewmates left as there are Imposters, the Impostors win.

In addition, sabotage may be launched far more quickly than emergency gatherings. At this stage, you have a 100% chance of winning.