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Remnant 2 – Where to Find the Krell Axe


In the pulsating world of Remnant 2, where gunfire dominates, the Krell Axe emerges as a concealed melee marvel in the depths of Yaesha. As bullets dwindle, its strategic prowess becomes a lifeline. Join us on a quest through Yaesha’s lush landscapes to unearth this silent savior. The Krell Axe awaits, a potent guardian in the chaos of Remnant 2. This article will explain to you where to find the Krell axe in Remnant 2:

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Where to Find the Krell Axe

Yaesha at Endaira’s End is where the Krell Axe is hidden. You will need to restart this world if you have finished and unlocked Yaesha but do not have this location. Reroll it and explore the Ziggurat. I hope you receive Endaira’s End. Proceed to the final checkpoint after passing through the zone at Endaira’s End. Reaching the final checkpoint can be identified by gathering Endaira’s Endless Loop, a purple item.

Remnant 2 - Where to Find the Krell Axe

You can locate this inside a small, empty throne room with the missing throne. There will also be a few steps up to the throne area. Where the throne should be, gather Endaira’s Endless Loop; do not leave the room. Rather, descend the stairs and cautiously pivot to the left of the throne (or right, if viewed from the room’s entrance).

Press the pressure plate in front of you to reveal a secret room. This is the location of the Krell Axe. The opening space will be a tiny square compartment with a second pressure plate in the center. These pressure plates can all be used to access identical rooms.

Remnant 2 - Where to Find the Krell Axe

This is the point at which you should use caution. Despite having the same appearance, every room will contain at least one monster (one room features a mini-boss). Every room can also include a trap. If you set off the trap, a burst of arrows might kill you instantly. I advise diving into the side of every new square area you unlock to avoid them.

Where is the throwing AXE?

There is a floor switch that opens up a wall with a small maze inside Enduria’s End on Yaesha, following the little checkpoint. One of these rooms contains the axe.


How do you get the nebula gun in Remnant 2?

Nebula can be gained by: Can be manufactured at McCabe, you will need the following Materials: x1 Spiced Bile, x7 Lumenite Crystal, x650 Scrap.

How do you get worlds edge in Remnant 2?

It Can be acquired in Brabus’ Shop on Apocalypse following the defeat of one World Boss every world. (Note: To acquire this item, World Bosses do not have to be destroyed in campaign mode or in a certain order.)

Should I give echo Remnant 2?

You will be rewarded with the Siphon Heart if you choose to accept it. A relic called Siphon Heart gives 10% of base damage delivered as Lifesteal for ten seconds.

Is Widowmaker good in Remnant 2?

The Widowmaker is obviously best suited for eliminating opponents from a safe distance because it is a sniper rifle. It strikes with amazing precision and maximum damage. The Widowmaker is the ideal long gun if you’d rather not get your suit dirty while eliminating legions of opponents in Remnant 2.

What is the strongest shotgun in Remnant 2?

This potent shotgun not only deals damage but also fires incendiary shells that cause enemies to become Burned, gradually delivering Fire damage. It is possible to equip any weapon Mod with a secondary ability, just like you do with other normal weapons in the game.