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Unused – Robending Codes Roblox March 2023


Robending Codes Roblox

In this article you will find out everything about robending codes of Roblox. RoBending Online is a story-driven fighting game on Roblox inspired by the Avatar series. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

How to play RoBending:

Elemental Bend: Choose your element (Fire, Water, Earth, etc.) and fight with unique abilities based on your selection.

Open World Exploration: Explore a huge open world, complete quests and fight enemies.

Combat System: Participate in an intricate combat system where you can master moves and develop strategies.

Character Development: Improve your character’s level, unlock new skills and customize your appearance.

Robending Codes Roblox March 2023

New codes:

Series – Redeem for 1 new slot and 10 spins

SoonTM – Redeem for 10 spins

BalancePatch1 – Redeem for 5 spins

DualSubs – Redeem for 10 spins

SorryFix – Redeem double drop rate for 30 minutes

Other active codes:

Upd1Slot – Redeem to get a new character slot

Upd1Spins – You can redeem it to get 15 spins

Upd1Customize – Redeem to reset character customization

Release – Redeem for 2 stat points

How you can redeem these codes?

  • Launch Roblox and open RoBending Online.
  • Press “M” to open the settings menu.
  • Enter the code in the Codes section.
  • Press Enter to redeem the code.

If you like Avatar: The Last Airbender and fighting games, RoBending Online might be an overall fun experience for you on Roblox.

Few interesting things about RoBending Online:

Sub-Elements: As you choose your main element, “Sub-Elements” play offers a unique twist. These can be acquired through spins or by defeating certain bosses. Combining your main element with a sub-element creates powerful and varied attacks, making character customization quite strategic.

Community and Codes: The developers seem to be connected to the community. They release codes like the ones you mentioned earlier to give players a boost and keep the game interesting. You can find these codes on the developer’s social media pages or in Roblox groups, making them worthwhile for players to follow.