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Samsung and others may have to reintroduce phones with detachable backs


The days are long gone when it was simple to remove the battery from a smartphone and install a brand-new one in its place. To remove the back cover of your phone, you did not require a heat gun or any other specialized equipment; in fact, you could use your fingernails or even your bare hands to do it. We might be able to return to simpler times thanks to a regulation that the European Union adopted. According to a recent report, the European Parliament has modified existing legislation, making it mandatory for all electronic devices, including smartphones, to have batteries that can be readily removed and replaced. The vote count ratio for this amendment stood at 587 to 9 in favor of the MEP.

When we say that users should be able to replace the batteries readily, we mean that they shouldn’t need specialised equipment. Because of this, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Apple, Google, and Samsung are going to have to make significant modifications to the designs of their smartphones in order to comply with the new regulation, which requires them to include batteries that can be readily replaced on their products. If the manufacturers intend to integrate easily replaceable batteries, the ‘glass sandwich’ design must definitely be abandoned unless they already have an alternate plan in place. This regulation is only applicable in Europe. However, it is highly unlikely that smartphone manufacturers like Samsung will create phones compliant with the laws of the EU.

In summary, the new legislation passed in the EU have brought about desperately needed reforms and have compelled smartphone firms like Apple and Samsung to safeguard the environment. As is well known, both Apple and Samsung have stripped their retail boxes of their smartphones of most essential in-box information to reduce their impact on the environment. The truth was that they intended to make more money by selling the pieces separately rather than including them in the package since they could then charge more for each item. In addition to the fact that Apple sells its phones complete with all of the in-box material, the European Union has mandated that the tech giant provide USB-C support to iPhones, which is expected to occur this year.