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How to prepare for your next summer holidays


Most people can’t wait for their next summer holidays. However, travelling itself can often be incredibly stressful and can put a damper on the first days of your holidays. Not only will you likely encounter long queues at airports or may have to wait in traffic but if you are travelling with others, especially children, it can be hard to stay relaxed. Here are some stress-free ways to prepare yourself and ensure that your trip is as carefree as possible.

 – Plan your trip in advance

○ Give yourself time to prepare for your holiday. This will give you the time you need to organise everything so that you won’t have to worry about planning things last minute.

○ Do some research on your destination and the area around your hotel /accommodation, so you’ll know what you can do. Try to find out how much certain activities and food might cost you.

 – Protect yourself from accidents and theft

○ Nobody wants to deal with injuries or accidents while on holiday. With a little preparation, you can likely avoid any major incidences from happening. Remember to check if your insurance provider covers accidents during your summer holiday.

One of the most common items that can get damaged on holidays is a phone or gadget. In situations like these, having the right Android or iPhone insurance can feel like a lifesaver. When all you are trying to do is get some sun on the beach you don’t want to think about losing or breaking your phone.

 – Documents

○ Gather all your important documents and keep them in a safe place that you won’t forget.

List of Documents to pack:

  • Passport
  • Visas
  • Tickets
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Vaccination documents such as the NHS COVID Pass

 – Luggage

○ Packing everything right before your trip is a guaranteed way to feel anxious about forgetting something. Ideally, start packing your bags a few days in advance. Remember to pack for different activities and weather conditions.


You don’t need to plan each day in advance, but having an understanding of the activities available that you could enjoy with your family or friends can save you time later on.

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