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Street Fighter 6 – How to Get Black Dye


One of the most recognizable gaming properties is the Street Fighter series, a fighting game for over 30 years. The black dye used in Street Fighter 6 is particularly noticeable; it gives your character’s outfit a unique flair and helps you stand out from other fighters in this intensely action-packed gaming experience. You may learn how to obtain black dye in Street Fighter 6 by reading this article:

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What is a Black Dye in Street Fighter 6?

With the use of different colored dyes, players in Street Fighter 6 can customize the clothing of their avatars. Of them, the black dye is special since it gives your character’s equipment a distinctive appearance. While a little difficult to obtain, the Street Fighter 6 black dye greatly enhances the visual appeal of your game and makes your avatar stand out on the battlefield.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Black Dye

How to Get Black Dye

A variety of colors can be found haphazardly throughout the game; they typically fall from broken objects or chests, and occasionally they are given to you as a reward for finishing tasks. A certain amount of grind is required because the somewhat rarer Black Dye requires five dye things to paint one piece of clothing black.

Taking up challenges from NPCs that drop Black Dye when you defeat them in Street Fighting is the greatest way to grind Black Dye. One of the greatest places in Metro City to locate NPCs who genuinely drop this uncommon coloring item may be found on the map below.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Black Dye

Outlaw’s Court in Metro City is the site in question, however bear in mind that this area of the town will remain closed until Chapter 7. This area of the map can be accessed once you unlock the metro and get entry to Haggar’s Memorial Stadium.

Black Dye can only be dropped by NPCs at the location shown on the map above (near the green player arrow), provided you meet certain random requirements throughout the fight. For instance, the NPC in the image below will drop Black Dye if you execute Drive Reversal twice throughout the fight.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Black Dye

When you approach NPCs, you can view their needs by clicking the triangle button (or its equivalent) to bring up the information windows. A list of the prerequisites for obtaining things that the NPC you are fighting can drop will appear if you open the pause menu during the battle. Once you reach a minimum of five, you can use the dyes you have in your inventory to color your clothes at any clothing store.

Dye Quest Rewards

You can obtain Street Fighter 6 dye as mission rewards in addition to the areas we’ve already discussed in the previous section. The quests that grant dye are listed below, along with how much you will earn for each:

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Black Dye

  • Learnin’ in the City – T: Three blue dyes and three red dyes
  • Danger City Seminar – A: Five yellow dyes
  • Danger City Seminar – R: Three black dyes
  • Danger City Seminar – T: Three white dyes and five green dyes
  • Hit Me With Your Best Snapshots: Ten yellow dyes and ten green dyes
  • Moonlight Lesson – R: Five brown dyes and one light dye


How do you get all the colors in SF6?

Therefore, users would need to use either 126,000 Drive Tickets or 6,300 Fighter Coins in order to unlock all 126 SF6 colors. It is advised that gamers purchase outfit colors in bundles rather than as separate deals if they wish to save money.

Where do I find Thrasher SF6?

Returning to the Scrap Yard at night will help you locate Thrasher, but before you can speak with him, you’ll have to defeat the following foes: 1 Mad Gear Dancer, Level 31. 1 Level 30 Glob of Mad Gear

How do you get Juri as a master sf6?

In all of Street Fighter 6, Juri’s Master unlock mission is among the longest. You will first need to move the story forward to Chapter 11–4. This is no small feat—the story spans at least ten hours. Then, you’ll need to search Nayshall Bazaar for the side mission A Hardboiled Adventure.

How do you beat Rudra in sf6?

Rudra can be stunned for extended periods of time by being pinned to one of the stage’s borders and continuously slammed into the wall with your Drive Gauge. This stops him from drawing distance or using ranged attacks.

How do you beat cardboard combatant in sf6?

In order to defeat him, one must concentrate on dodging the initial portion of his charge attack and blocking the remaining hits, which might completely deplete their health bar if they land a hit.