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Sea Of Stars – How to Farm Gold


In Sea of Stars, gold is essential because it’s the main means of purchasing armor, potent weapons, culinary supplies, and other priceless items. You’ll always need money as you travel through the Sea of Stars’ islands, whether it’s for culinary supplies, artifact purchases, or equipment upgrades. You may learn how to farm gold in Sea of Stars by reading this article:

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Fishing is an enjoyable and simple technique to get extra gold and obtain some filets for cooking. Simply navigate to any fishing location on the map. Usually, they are depicted as places where big fish are seen diving into and out of the sea. Since it’s simple to capture numerous fish at once, you can sell a large quantity of fillets at once. To sell them when you catch them, look for an Equipment Store NPC in the surrounding fishing region or go to the closest town.

Sea Of Stars - How to Farm Gold

Playing Mini-Games

Many taverns in Sea of Stars are humming with activity. Wheels is a standout among the other entertainment alternatives as a terrific method to earn extra gold. The minigame Wheels puts both your skill and luck to the test. After engaging in arm wrestling with the pirates in Port Town of Brisk, you can access the game.

Sea Of Stars - How to Farm Gold

Wheels can be found throughout the game in various pubs once they have been unlocked. Playing Wheels gives you the chance to win gold prizes every time you win. To improve your odds of success, take the time to comprehend the gameplay fundamentals and create methods. You’ll be amassing gold quickly with some practice.

Selling Items

Selling things is arguably the most effective way to gain gold because some things will give you the most gold at once, especially valuables. Any of the Equipment Store NPCs, who are typically located around campfire locations or in stores and stalls throughout the towns, let you to sell goods.

Sea Of Stars - How to Farm Gold

The best gold to sell is valuables, which are found in chests located all around the globe, most frequently in dungeons. They are located in the sell or your things menu under the Gem icon tab.

Sea Of Stars - How to Farm Gold

Additionally, you should make sure that the equipment and supplies you are selling are unneeded. You can sell your old equipment for a good price in gold and free up more room in your inventory when you arm your character with stronger armour and weapons.


What can you sell for money in sea of stars?

Ingredients, weapons, armour, accessories, and gems found in treasure chests are the only things you will be able to sell.

Can you grind in Sea of Stars?

It is possible to grind, but be aware that every time you level up a character you don’t already have, you lose the ability to choose their additional stats; instead, they receive random or predetermined stat boosts.

What is the best weapon in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapons in the game for Valere and Zale, respectively, are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, and they can provide a significant advantage over the last boss. All of the game’s playable characters have access to various weaponry.

Why set up camp in Sea of Stars?

If you can’t recall your goal, camp. If that’s the case, you can camp and reminisce with your teammates. Between significant land sections, Sea of Stars has a camp feature where you can save your game, prepare meals, chat with friends, and hear tales from Teaks, your token historian.

Should I sell gems in Sea of Stars?

If you explore the different caverns in the game, you will find plenty of gems. In this game, there is no such thing as a finite resource. Yes, feel free to sell gemstones. They are too valuable to be used for fuses, and you won’t be able to update your equipment right once if any of them are needed.