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Sea of Stars Fishing Guide – How to Catch Every Fish


Sea of Stars’ fishing is a lot of fun and simple to get into. However, the game does not include any sort of tutorial or guidance on how to achieve this. A fishing pond appears alongside the road early in the game, but there are no instructions for how to use it. The relevant minigame may look hectic and fast-paced, but it’s actually quite easy to play. Later in the game, you’ll locate a few relics that can make things easier for you. Learn how to fish in the Sea of Stars with the help of this article!

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How to Take Part in Fishing in Sea of Stars

In Sea of Stars, fishing can begin when you reach a pond with a pier. To throw your line into the air, click the on-screen button. Direct the line into the water with the D-Pad or Left Stick, then hit the button again.

Sea of Stars: Fishing Guide

Fishing in the Sea of Stars requires exceptional bait because the fish are so eager to bite. When you catch one, the soundtrack will change and a little area of the lake will turn a pale blue. The fish must be kept in that location by using the left and right arrow keys.

Keeping the button down, you can direct the fish left and right. The line could begin flashing red. When this happens, a line failure is imminent. Don’t stop trying to bring the fish in. If it fails, just try casting again.

Sea of Stars: Fishing Guide

You can go fishing as often as you like. Catching them will become increasingly difficult as the game develops, but if you’re patient, you may quickly clear out an entire pond. Because of their versatility, these fish are a great, cost-free option for increasing your cooking supplies.

The Fishing side-quest in Sea of Stars

You can encounter Rainbow Conch shells infrequently as you travel around the Sea of Stars. You’ll need to track down 22 and hand them in at Mirna’s Market of Marvel. The architect in Mirth requires the Fishing Hut blueprints.

Sea of Stars: Fishing Guide

The Merchant Citizen “Master Fisherman,” who may be found in Mooncradle, is also required. Get him to come to Mirth by having a conversation with him in the dining room. Talk to him there, and he’ll let you in on the mission details: reel in each of the 23 different types of fish. More of these fish can be farmed for a little amount of prizes in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars: Fishing Guide

Sea of Stars: Mini-Game rewards

  • Catch 4 fish: Stereofilamint Line Relic
  • Catch 9 fish: Mithreel Rod Relic
  • Catch 14 fish: Bearing Reel Relic
  • Catch 23 fish: Flimsy Hammer

Unless speeding through the minigame is of no interest, you should definitely pause at levels 4, 9, and 14 to collect all the relevant Relics. Unless otherwise specified, feel free to roam the area and gather as many fish as you need.

Enjoyable and simple, this minigame offers a pleasant diversion in Sea of Stars. It’s useful for gathering a broad variety of ingredients for cooking and yields at least one trophy.


How do you stun fish in sea of stars?

Hold left or right to bring the fish back into the river, and let go of the reel button if the fish escapes. Once it’s in the water, press the reel button again to keep it there. Tap the reel button if the fish leaps out of the water.

What is the best fish to catch in sea of thieves?

The Sand Battlegill, the Shadow Stormfish, and the Snow Wrecker are the top earners. You may expect $1,875 for each of these. The Trophy versions of them are worth 4,690 points. The Bone Ancientscales, Bonedust Plentifins, Forsaken Devilfish, and Muddy Wildsplashes are the next top earning.

What is the strongest creature in Sea of Thieves?

The legendary Kraken is the most dangerous foe in “Sea of Thieves.” Here’s where to look for the monster to attack it. In Sea of Thieves, most enemies are humanoid. Most of your foes will be either shambling skeletons or other players out for loot.