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Street Fighter 6: How to Play Chun-Li


The latest entry in the legendary fighting game franchise, Street Fighter VI, features Chun-Li, a character that has been a fan favorite ever since the series’ beginning. Mastering Chun-Li, who is known for her rapid assaults and acrobatic moves, may be difficult but rewarding. How to use Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6 is covered here.

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Chun-Li’s Move List

Counting stance maneuvers, Chun-Li knows a total of 29 commands. There are 15 different types of attacks, with Special Moves accounting for 7, Super Arts for 4, and Throws for the rest. Her unique moves, which are largely kicks, are most useful at a medium range.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Chun-Li

Chun-Li’s Move Input Type
Swift Thrust 46MK Unique Attacks
Hakkei 4HP Unique Attacks
Water Lotus Fist 3HP Unique Attacks
Yokusen Kick 6HK Unique Attacks
Falling Crane 3HK Unique Attacks
Yoso Kick 2MK Unique Attacks
Wall Jump 9 (near a wall) Unique Attacks
Soaring Eagle Punches HP,HP (jumping) Unique Attacks
Serenity Stream 214P Unique Attacks
Orchid Palm 214P,LP Unique Attacks
Snake Strike 214P,MP Unique Attacks
Lotus Fist 214P,HP Unique Attacks
Forward Strike 214P,LK Unique Attacks
Senpu Kick 214P,MK Unique Attacks
Tenku Kick 214P,HK Unique Attacks
Kikoken Hold 46P Special Move
Hundred Lightning Kicks 236K Special Move
Lightning Kick Barrage 236K,K,K Special Move
Aerial Hundred Lightning Kicks 236K Special Move
Spinning Bird Kick Hold 28K Special Move
Hazanshu 214K Special Move
Tensho Kicks 22K Special Move
Kikosho 236236P Super Art Level 1
Aerial Kikosho 236236P (jumping) Super Art Level 1/2
Hoyoku-sen 236236K Super Art Level 2
Soten Ranka 214214K Super Art Level 3
Koshuto 5 or 6LP,LK Throw
Taiji Fan 4LP,LK Throw
Ryuseiraku LP,LK Throw

Strategies for Chun-Li

Players of Street Fighter 6 who want to make the most of Chun-Li’s abilities should adopt a well-rounded strategy that makes use of both her offensive and defensive options. Chun-Li’s powerful main character status comes from her ability to attack and defend with whiff punishes and lunges.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Chun-Li

Carefully consider whiff punishment. Chun-Li’s quick reflexes make her particularly effective at counterattacks. You can use her footwork to bait the enemy into making mistakes, which you can then capitalize on with a Spinning Bird Kick or other jumping move.

Promote aerial battles. Provoke the enemy and send them flying. Aerial opponents can be devastated by Chun-Li’s Tensho Kicks, Soaring Eagle Punches, and Aerial Hundred Lightning Kicks, all of which can also be used to set up combos.

The defeated foe should be pursued. There is a lot of resistance to Chun-Li’s blows. Take advantage of the Okizeme openings by using her dash or Drive Rush to close the distance. (Be careful not to deplete her Drive Gauge too quickly, though; Chun-Li’s most lethal combos come from Overdrive or supercharged attacks).

Alter your posture to throw off your opponent. Both Falling Crane and Serenity Stream are effective in fooling an opponent who is on guard. The cross-up used in Falling Crane not only deals harm to the opponent but also causes them to shift their stance. However, Chun-Li’s Serenity Stream is a sitting stance that improves her six major attacks and increases her move pool.

How to Counter Chun-Li

Chun-Li is vulnerable to close-range grapplers like E. Honda, Zangief, and Marisa due to her lack of throw loops. But if players can keep her at a distance, they can use long-range zoners like JP and Dhalsim to deal with her.

Chun-Li is one of the best whiff punishers, therefore fighting against her demands careful planning. In order to counter Chun-Li, her opponent must be able to read her moves and avoid making any mistakes.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Chun-Li

Pros and Cons of Playing as Chun-Li

In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li is a top-tier playable character. She’s a powerful midranger with reliable pokes, devastating combos, and bulletproof anti-airs. However, Chun-Li is a very technical choice who is quite vulnerable at long range.


  • Not dangerous prodding.
  • Objective power.
  • The whipping offenders.
  • The advantage of motion.
  • Lethal normal-to-Special transitions.


  • Exposure to projectiles.
  • Promote the use of Rush.
  • The inputs are delayed and charged.


What is Chun-Li’s stance in Street Fighter 6?

However, her Serenity Stream stance is the most important part of her arsenal in SF6. When activated, she assumes a defensive crouch, allowing you to press any attack button while in this position.

What is Chun-Li’s weakness?

One of the eight bosses in the game is Chun-Li. Her vulnerability lies in Hadouken.

What is the best move for Chun-Li?

Tensho Kicks (Down, Down + K) is one of Chun-Li’s most effective launchers. There are many more powerful kicks in the OD version. There is, however, no counterplay to this action. Without her Hundred Lightning Kicks (Quantum Cannon Fusillade + Kick), Chun-Li would be nothing.

What is Chun-Li fighting style?

Her fighting method is commonly described as kung fu or wushu, which is an accurate but incomplete description. Instead of focusing on one style, Chun Li draws from a wide variety of martial arts, including the slow hand strikes of tai chi and the fast kicks of taekwondo.