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Sea of Stars: How to Get Golden Pelican Reservation


In Sea of Stars, the Golden Pelican is without equal as the finest dining establishment. It’s in Brisk, right by the fountain. The innkeeper, Gaspar, will not let you in unless you have a reservation, which is reportedly the only way to enter. Despite what you would think, the Golden Pelican isn’t hiding any wealth or secret healing formula to help your group in battle. It’s a crucial aspect of a major plot point that we won’t reveal. Here then, is a comprehensive look at the golden pelican in the starry sky:

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How to Get Invited into the Golden Pelican in Sea of Stars

You should know immediately that this is not a simple, easy mission. Only after completing the game once and witnessing the events leading up to the True Ending will you be invited by the Golden Pelican. If you like to be surprised by the story, I should probably put up a spoiler alert now.

As such, I feel compelled to warn you that the following contains major spoilers for some of the game’s most pivotal moments. Okay, let’s speak about the Gilded Invitation with that out of the way.

Where to use the Hook of Time

Talk to Garl twice in Camp once you’ve recovered him. The Hook of Time is a gift he gives you in the second conversation. Stillpond Island is a location between Docarri and Mooncradle where you can put it to use.

Having the Hook of Time with you will cause an object to shine in the pond. Pulling it out will expose a secret underground chamber.

Sea of Stars: Golden Pelican Guide

At the very end of this area is a fishing site labeled “key.” You can either swim after it or use a fishing pole to pull it out of the water. To unlock the glistening statue at the top, use the key provided.

Sea of Stars: Golden Pelican Guide

Follow this to a room where you can literally fish the Head Chef of the Golden Pelican right out of the sea. The Gilded Invitation will be extended to you.

Where to find a Gilded Invitation for the Golden Pelican

To get an Overlaid Greeting for the Brilliant Pelican in Ocean of Stars, you should initially track down every 60 Rainbow Conches and rout the Fleshmancer’s lieutenant to get the Snare of Time. Get some margin to the island south of Phantom Island and fish to enter a prison. You’ll continue to meet the Brilliant Pelican’s head culinary expert, who will give you the Overlaid Greeting.

To move beyond the haughty Gaspar and partake in a feast at the Brilliant Pelican, you’ll need to finish a few stages that connect to gaining the genuine completion of the game. These incorporate tracking down every one of the 60 Rainbow Conches – indeed, truly – and overcoming the Fleshmancer’s lieutenant. With both these prerequisites far removed, you’ll get a thing called the Snare of Time after visiting the relics in the Moorlands.

With the Snare of Time, go to the island south of Phantom Island with the ‘???’ fishing opening. You’ll see there’s no fish here. You should fish with the Snare of Time in your stock to snatch the highest point of a ruin concealed in the water. Pulling it in will uncover a short prison to explore.

Sea of Stars: Golden Pelican Guide

The prison has a couple of simple to-dispatch foes and one straightforward riddle: you should obtain a key from a lake of fish and progress to the last room; nonetheless, you might think you need to look for the key as it swims around in the water. All things being equal, jump in the water to grab the key like you’d get something else.

This will lead you to a showdown against, in all honesty, the Brilliant Pelican’s head gourmet expert – who you’ll need to fish out of an enormous lake. He’ll reimburse you with the solicitation to his eatery. Get back to Lively, give the solicitation to Gaspar, and partake in the most endearing scene before taking off to finish the genuine completion.

What rewards do you get for entering the Golden Pelican?

Manage to get admitted inside the Golden Pelican. You will not only be able to bring Garl’s story to a satisfying conclusion, but you will also be able to complete a few of the milestones that you have been working toward.

Sea of Stars: Golden Pelican Guide


What is the reward of take back the sea?

It’s where the turquoise water turns into sparkling lights, creating an otherworldly effect. Because of bioluminescent phytoplankton, this phenomena is most prevalent in the late summer.

How do you get into the golden pelican sea of stars?

In Sea of Stars, the game ends at the Golden Pelican bar. You can only dine at this exclusive restaurant in Brisk’s Port Town if you’ve been given a Gilded Invitation from the Fishing Dungeon.