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Paleo Pines: Dinosaur Care Detailed Guide


In Paleo Pines, the dinosaurs you control are more than simply pets; they are your allies in each and every journey. You are responsible for seeing to their requirements if you want them to remain content and develop into useful helps on your ranch. You will be able to forge a close link with them and develop a prosperous ranch if you provide them with cozy cages, biomes that match their preferences, and nourishing meals. In this article, we will explain to you how to care for your dinosaurs in Paleo Pines:

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How to Craft a Pen in Paleo Pines

Pens are essential for communication among dinosaurs. Fences and gates are used in the construction of these enclosures. They should provide the fundamental conveniences, such as a place for each dinosaur to snooze, a feeding trough, and at least one gate for quick and simple entry and exit.

Paleo Pines: Dinosaur Care Guide

Even though multiple dinosaurs can share a pen, you need still make sure it has enough room for them to feel comfortable. In addition, dinosaurs don’t like to share their enclosures with other dinosaurs who have different dietary restrictions. Your herbivore won’t be pleased as long as it’s in the same room as that carnivorous T-rex.

Paleo Pines: Dinosaur Care Guide

Consult the journal entry of the dinosaur in question in order to acquire additional information regarding the space and biome requirements of the dinosaur. You can also examine the current size of the pen by studying the pen gate or looking at the roster in your diary. Both of these options are available to you.

Dinosaur Social Types

Think about the social structure of the dinosaurs in question before determining where to put these dreamstones and which species will make use of them. Dinosaurs can be classified into one of three different social groups: a pack, a herd, or an individual.

Paleo Pines: Dinosaur Care Guide

There are three different varieties of dinosaurs: pack types, herd types, and loner types. Pack types like to be in groups of two to three dinosaurs, whereas herd types may coexist with any number of dinosaurs. If you have more than one dinosaur in the same enclosure, that enclosure needs to be large enough to accommodate all of the dinosaurs. When a dinosaur’s social needs are not satisfied, it will experience increasing levels of distress.

Paleo Pines Biomes & How They Work

Every cage in Paleo Pines represents a different ecosystem. By default, a new pen will be set to the “ranch” biome, but you can change it to the Valley, Forest, or Desert biome to better accommodate your dinosaur. You can also use Dreamstones to improve your Sleeping Spots. Choose from three different biomes, one for each area, to create the ideal setting for your dinosaur.

It’s important to recreate a dino’s natural habitat since that’s where it thrives. If that Triceratops was discovered in the desert, it is likely to prefer a climate and environment similar to its native one. You may create the desired ecosystem by furnishing the pen with suitable accessories.

How To Feed Your Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs require food that is tailored to their particular diet to be put in the troughs that they eat from. Those who are classified as herbivores will only consume plant-based foods, those who are classified as carnivores will only consume animal-based foods, and omnivores are content with either option. You can get some of this food from Corlan, who is located in Pebble Plaza.

Paleo Pines: Dinosaur Care Guide

In addition to the food that is provided for them in their troughs, dinosaurs also like a particular snack that brings a smile to their faces. These sweets can be classified according to one of five distinct characteristics: crunchy, juicy, earthy, spicy, or fragrant. In most cases, the taste of Poppin that a dinosaur favors will correspond with their preferred reward.


How do you clean pen in Paleo Pines?

A dirty pen can be tidied up with a shovel, tilled soil can be cleared out so that it can be reused, and holes can be dug for plants with the shovel. On the ranch, a colored outline will appear on the ground if you equip the shovel.

How do you get a dino to trust you in Paleo Pines?

Players in Paleo Pines must purchase and feed dinosaurs a Poppin cupcake in order to gain their friendship. The process of taming a Styracosaurus is identical, though the dinosaurs have a taste for the Juicy Poppins variety of Poppins.

Does Paleo Pines have romance?

However, there are times when fae farm seems disorganized and more like a mobile game. It’s fine, but I miss the social and interpersonal elements of games like these that aren’t there in Paleo Pines.

How do you make money in Paleo Pines?

Farming is a great way to make a living. In the beginning of the game, you can visit Granny to purchase seeds to grow on your ranch. There are even days when free seeds blow into the ranch.