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Sea of Stars: How to Get The Traders Signet


Sea of Stars is a great retro-styled role-playing game. Some of the most valuable artifacts in Sea of Stars can be purchased from a shadowy merchant in Brisk. However, you will need the Trader’s Signet, a special item, to track down this vendor. This valuable artifact is located in a hidden chamber off to the side of the main Stonemasons’ Outpost on Sleeper’s Island. Learn everything you need to know about acquiring the Trader’s Signet in Sea of Stars right here:

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How to Get The Traders Signet in Sea of Stars?

Obtain the Mines Key by defeating Malkomud early in the tale, then head to the Stonemasons’ Outpost and take the elevator down one floor to the Wind Tunnel Mines. Take the first right you come to, and continue until you reach a door with a huge gap in it. Go to the Mines and use the Key.

Sea of Stars: How to Get The Traders Signet

In this space, the tall green pillars are the most noticeable feature. In order to drop the second pillar into the room below, the first one must be placed on a specific pedestal to the left. The video below will show you how to correctly move these pillars, and it’s hardly the hardest puzzle you’ll face (certainly not more difficult than the shrine puzzles).

To get to the chest in the middle, you’ll need to jump down to the lower level and move the pillar there. The Trader’s Signet can be found within the chest.

Sea of Stars: How to Get The Traders Signet

Give the Trader’s Signet back to the shopkeeper to acquire the Eye of Yomara, which shows enemy statistics and HP, as well as the Dubious Dare, which increases damage taken, the Tome of Knowledge, which increases experience gained, and the Double Edge, which enhances damage dealt under specific conditions.

Where To Find Mistral Bracelet and Mines Key

There are a lot of hallways and secret passages in Wind Tunnel Mines, making it a difficult region to navigate in Sea of Stars. There, you’ll also locate the hidden Traders Signet and learn a new skill for your squad. Let’s go over the agenda item by item.

You can light a fire while cave exploring in this area. A Mistral Bracelet can be found in a large chest up the wall to your right if you descend and ascend. Obtaining the Traders Signet in Sea of Stars is just one of the many ways this item will come in helpful on your trip.

Sea of Stars: How to Get The Traders Signet

The green pillars in the Wind Tunnel Mines are only one example of what you can move with the help of the Mistral Bracelet. With this, you can go to previously inaccessible locations. So, look for a location where a sizable green crystal can be relocated. Bring the Crystal up to the platform with your new tool.

Next, hop onto the newly-appearing column, proceed forward, shift another column, and eventually open the chest to retrieve the Mines Key. The entrance to the Traders Signet will then be unlocked for you.

How to Find The Hidden Merchant In Brisk

After entering Brisk, head south until you reach the wooden dock (where you and the Vespertine crew will board the raft to head to Wraith Island). A little doll resembling a Kupo will be dangling near to the entrance hole.

Once you enter, talk to the shopkeeper to learn about the one thing you’ll need to see all of their goods. Once you’ve opened the left chest and grabbed the Rainbow Conch, head over to the Stonemasons’ Outpost next to Brisk.

Sea of Stars: How to Get The Traders Signet


What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, Valere and Zale’s greatest weapons are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade, respectively, and they provide a significant edge while fighting the game’s final boss. Each playable character in the game has their own arsenal of weaponry that can be used in various situations.

Can you play Sea of Stars after beating the game?

You can still earn a better ending by completing more optional stuff if the one you got isn’t satisfying.

How do you get to the queen that was in the Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, you can find the hidden location known as Throne of the Queen That Was. The Cerulean Expedition Story by Teaks hints at a certain route to get there (North East, South East, North East, East).

How many playable characters are in Sea of Stars?

There are six main characters to choose from, and a few more that occasionally tag along but don’t get involved in combat. The most notable of these is Teaks, and Sea of Stars would be incomplete without a little nod to her.