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Sea Of Stars – How to Return to Evermist Island


The intriguing and original puzzles in Sea of Stars are among my favorite aspects of the game. The enigmatic Solstice Shrines can be located throughout the world and contain more difficult puzzles. Completing these puzzles usually nets you some valuable relics and character accessories. You are essentially thrown off Evermist Island at the beginning of Sea of Stars, and you won’t be able to return there for a considerable amount of time. You are eventually instructed to return after receiving the Evermist Shrine Key. You can learn how to get back to Evermist Island in the Sea of Stars by reading this article:

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How to Return to Evermist Island

You can go to Watcher Island or return to Evermist Island after Headmaster Moraine on Mirth gives you the Evermist Shrine Key. Return to Sleeper Island and retrace your route via Stonemasons Outpost, Port Town of Brisk, Coral Caves, and the Moorlands until you arrive at X’tol’s Landing to return to Evermist Island.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

Here, communicate with the enormous X’tol and give him the secret word: “Y’eet.” He’ll toss you over to Y’eet at the landing on Evermist Island. Proceed southward by Mountain Trail from this point. Turn left to reach the Evermist Island Solstice Shrine after you’ve crossed across and are back on the overworld map.

To enter the Solstice Shrine, use the Evermist Shrine Key on the door. You will receive Soonrang, Valere and Zale’s combo skill, upon solving the interior riddle. Additionally, it will open a dock on the overworld to the left of the Solstice Shrine, allowing you to sail back instead of going via Sleeper Island each time you wish to visit Evermist Island.

How to Solve the Evermist Solstice Shrine Puzzle

Once you’ve established your own Town of Mirth, the Headmaster will give you the key to unlock the Evermist Solstice Shrine. It was a little difficult to go back there because you had to go via Sleeper Island once more in order to be tossed back to Evermist by the ancient statue.

Once you turn around and head back down the Mountain Path, you will notice the shrine with the purple door on the right side. When you get there, you can use the Evermist Shrine Key to unlock the door with your key. Inside the Shrine, three movable blocks and a square floor made of tiles with luminous blue glyphs outline the space. One of the bricks has a unique shade of purple.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

The path you must take to push the purple block through the board with X or Square will be seen on the wall in front of the floor. You’ll need to use the other two blocks to help you maintain it on the appropriate tiles along the journey. Here’s how to get there step-by-step (scroll through the images for each step mentioned below):

  • Moving the purple block forward one space to remove it from the outside ring is the first step. You’ll need to align the remaining bricks directly behind it to prevent it from sliding all the way forward. Move the block that is in direct contact with the purple block to the left after pushing both of the blocks up to the upper right corner and down so they are against it. The purple block can now be easily moved up to the first tile.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

  • Move the purple block forward one more space at this point. Push the first block from the bottom left corner up, around, and down against the other regular block in the top right corner. Next, slide the second block to the left and out of the way so that it touches the purple block directly. Once, push the purple block up. (I should have pushed my second block to the left, but I moved it by mistake.) To make your third step easier, leave it where it is—in the yellow circle in the preceding figure.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

  • Your third step should be quite simple as long as your block is currently in the far left position. Simply move your purple block two spaces to the left, and it should come into contact with your normal block. Additionally, you ought to see that the tiles on the path you’ve already made are beginning to light up. This indicates that you’re doing things right.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

  • You will now require your purple block to move up one more space. You will need to place one of your standard blocks above it at the very top to accomplish this. Moving the initial block, which is currently touching the purple block, to the upper left corner should be quite simple. Next, move your second block two spaces up from your purple block to the upper right corner and push it to the left until it touches the other normal block. You can now move your purple block one space forward.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

  • You need to shift one block to the right with your purple block to get almost there. Place your initial block in the upper right corner, exactly above and touching your purple block. The second block should now be in the upper left corner. Now, move it down to the lower left corner until it touches your other regular block. You can now move one to the right by pushing your purple block over it.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

  • The next step should be very simple as long as you maintain your normal blocks in the upper right corner and immediately to the right of your purple block. To complete the task, push the purple block twice into the last tile in the outside ring.

Sea Of Stars - How to Return to Evermist Island

You will solve the riddle and discover a massive chest after your purple block hits the last tile. Within is a brand-new combo move for Valere and Zale called Soonrang, which combines Zale’s Sun ability with Valere’s Moonrang. In addition, you’ll see that one of the lights on the oddly carved wall has gone out, meaning that in order to fully open it, you’ll need to finish more Solstice Shrines similar to this one.


Where is Watcher Island Sea of Stars?

To locate Watcher Island, use the Vespertine to navigate to the sea’s southwest corner. Step into the Jungle Path after landing at the dock.

How do you get the true ending in Sea of Stars?

It will take seven distinct side missions to reveal the genuine ending. One of the seven pillars around the odd monument in the Moorlands will become active each time you finish one of these tasks.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapons in the game for Valere and Zale, respectively, are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, and they can provide a significant advantage over the last boss. All of the playable characters in the game have access to a variety of weaponry.

How many endings are in Sea of Stars?

The game offers two distinct endings that are highly dissimilar from one another. Players will understand the distinction between the regular and true endings, how to obtain the desired true ending, and how to save Garl after carefully reading this tutorial.

Does To Sleep in a Sea of Stars have romance?

Paolini deserves praise for it as well because the cast is so diverse. All of the other character relationships were fine, but the romance between Kira and Falconi felt like an afterthought and added nothing to the tale.