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Age Of Wonders 4 – How to Build Outpost


The next 4X Triumph Studios and Paradox strategy game is Age of Wonders 4. Various landscapes, from barren Astral regions to lush green fields, become part of your magical kingdom as you grow it. More and more people working to expand your empire means more and more Outposts and Cities need to be built. While the Age of Wonders 4 tutorial covers constructing an outpost, it does not go into detail about the interface used to do so. This article covers how to construct an outpost in Age of Wonders 4.

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How to Build Outpost

Creating an Outpost is required before constructing a city in a new province, which is briefly mentioned in the game’s tutorial. However, this is not clarified in any further depth. Age of Wonders 4’s Outpost can’t be made without a hero first. It could be the head of state, or another hero you recruit later.

Even if they have the outpost builder specialization, characters like Scout cannot construct an actual Outpost. Also, check that the province you’ve chosen for your Outpost won’t encroach on any other states’ territory. Otherwise, the option to construct an Outpost in that location will be grayed out.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How to Build Outpost

Here’s what you need to do to construct Outpost in Age of Wonders 4 now that you know all the ins and outs:

  • To get started, pick a hero and assign them to a province that fits your preferences and the abovementioned criteria.
  • After selecting a province or a hero, a window will display with the option to construct an Outpost. The yellow line will delineate the areas you can rule over.
  • After that, select the “Build Outpost” option at the screen’s footer. But first, check your bank account to make sure you can afford this structure.

The Outpost will show up in the province of your choice after the allotted time has passed. You now have free reign over all native resources. You can turn your Outpost into a metropolis with some more cash. However, remember that one player can only control a certain maximum number of cities. And if you exceed that limit, you’ll be giving up a large chunk of city-generated revenue. Therefore, pick the most excellent locations for your Outpost.

How to Upgrade an Outpost

Once the outpost is established, players can send their heroes off independently since they will have direct access to it. By selecting an outpost, players can spend gold to build a few structures including a work camp, stone walls, and a watch tower. After the outpost develops into a city, each building can be converted into something useful. Work camps in particular, allow a settlement to lay claim to an additional province, which might be home to a priceless relic.

A decision players may have to make is selecting the race to use to populate the city. Instead of using the capital’s population to found a city, players can use the populations of other cities they have conquered or merged into their empire. The fundamental expense is consistent regardless of which population is closest, however the time involved may vary. It’s important to consider a city’s population carefully because it will affect the types of troops players can build there.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How to Build Outpost

The number of cities a group can control is another metric to monitor. While outposts do not contribute to the limitation, cities do, and exceeding the limit results in severe repercussions. So, while it may be costly to maintain many outposts, doing so can be a cheap method to stake claim to territory.


What is the difference between outpost and city in Age of Wonders 4?

Players don’t take part in city construction in Age of Wonders 4. Instead, they construct outposts with the potential to develop into cities with time and resources. Although outposts are more vulnerable than cities, they need less administration and allow players to establish claims in unclaimed regions.

What does the outpost do in Age of Wonders 4?

The province the outpost is established in (and maybe a neighboring province with Work Camp) will be annexed to the owner, along with any resource nodes or magical materials found there.

How do you integrate free cities in Age of Wonders 4?

Each player begins with one Whispering Stone, which can be donated to a Free City or used to improve a player’s own city. If donated to a Free City, the Whispering Stone will infer a +1 to Allegiance won every turn. At any point, it can be revoked.

Why can’t I build a city in Age of Wonders 4?

Age of Wonders 4’s city-building process begins with the placement of an Outpost. When the Outpost is in the desired Province, it can be upgraded to a city at the expense of some Imperium. The price of this increases proportionally with the number of cities you already control.