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Sekiro’s Great Serpent has been replaced by Thomas ” The Tank Engine” in PC Mod


Here Thomas comes to boost our nightmares again

Thomas the tank Engine can’t prevent himself from getting included, can he? The blue train has been modded into such huge numbers of games now, he’s essentially turned into a relentless power. From showing up in Resident Evil 2 by supplanting Mr. X, to turning into a steed in Breath of the Wild, the blue train isn’t backing off at any point in the near future. On account of one more Thomas-related mod, he’s presently figured out how to discover his way into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in the Great Serpent’s stead.

The Nexus mod, which can be found here (by means of PCGamesN), replaces the Great Serpent with a monstrous drifting ‘Thomas the Snake Engine’, who coasts his way through the air. Before you see the tank motor’s huge uncover, you can hear an inaccessible choo-choo ring out there – flagging the compelling blue enemy is adjacent. Should be readied. Thomas is directly around the bend, and’s will undoubtedly proceed in this battle.

Given Thomas’ rich history of showing up in the modding scene, it wouldn’t have been long until this occurred. One thing’s without a doubt: this mod just keeps on demonstrating Thomas is unadulterated bad dream fuel. I never thought his choo-choos could sound so hauntingly unnerving. To be completely forthright, I’d preferably face the Great Serpent over Thomas quickly.

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