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Skull and Bones – How to Get the Padewakang


In the treacherous waters of Skull and Bones, where every ship is a potential adversary and every decision could mean the difference between fortune and ruin, obtaining the legendary Padewakang ship stands as a symbol of power and prestige. With its formidable capabilities and imposing presence, the Padewakang is a coveted prize sought by captains eager to dominate the high seas. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of acquiring the Padewakang in Skull and Bones, offering tips, strategies, and insights to aid you in your quest for maritime supremacy.

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Unraveling the Legend of the Padewakang:

The Padewakang, a majestic vessel steeped in legend and lore, is renowned for its unparalleled strength, speed, and versatility. Originally crafted by master shipwrights in the distant archipelagos of the East Indies, the Padewakang has since become a symbol of maritime prowess and naval dominance. Its sleek design, reinforced hull, and advanced weaponry make it a formidable adversary on the open seas, capable of outmaneuvering and outgunning even the most formidable foes.

How to Get the Padewakang

Upon achieving the rank of Brigand infamy, you can obtain the Padewakang. By doing this, you can buy the blueprint from the Shipwright NPC in Telok Penjarah, an East Indies pirate haven. It’s time to get ready for some island hopping.

Skull and Bones - How to Get the Padewakang

Completing Epic Quests and Challenges:

Embark on epic quests and challenges scattered throughout the game world to uncover hidden treasures and unlock legendary ships like the Padewakang. These quests may involve solving puzzles, defeating powerful enemies, or exploring remote regions of the map. Keep a keen eye out for clues and opportunities that may lead you to your coveted prize.

Strategies for Success

Regardless of the method chosen, acquiring the Padewakang requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. Here are some strategies to increase your chances of success:

  1. Upgrade Your Ship and Crew: Before embarking on your quest for the Padewakang, ensure that your own ship and crew are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. Invest in ship upgrades, weapons, and equipment to enhance your combat capabilities and survivability. Train your crew members and cultivate their skills to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in battle.
  2. Gather Intelligence: Knowledge is power in Skull and Bones, and gathering intelligence on your target is essential for success. Research Legendary Captains, study their tactics, and assess their strengths and weaknesses to formulate a winning strategy. Keep abreast of developments in the game world, and be prepared to adapt your plans based on new information.
  3. Form Alliances and Seek Assistance: Don’t underestimate the value of allies and collaborators in your quest for the Padewakang. Form alliances with other players or AI-controlled factions who share your goals and objectives. Pool your resources, share information, and coordinate your efforts to increase your chances of success. Remember, strength in numbers can tip the scales in your favor.
  4. Exercise Patience and Persistence: Acquiring the Padewakang is not for the faint of heart or the impatient. Be prepared to invest time and effort into your quest, and don’t be discouraged by setbacks or obstacles along the way. Keep your eyes on the prize and maintain a steadfast resolve as you navigate the challenges of Skull and Bones.


Are there any specific regions or areas of the game world where the Padewakang is more likely to appear?

The Padewakang may be encountered in various regions of the game world, but there are no guarantees of its appearance in any specific area. Exploring remote and uncharted regions, as well as engaging in activities such as Legendary Captain battles or special events, may increase your chances of encountering the Padewakang.

Can I trade or purchase the Padewakang from other players or in-game factions?

While trading and purchasing ships is a common feature in Skull and Bones, the Padewakang is typically not available for direct purchase or trade. However, forging alliances with powerful factions or trading companies may provide opportunities to acquire the Padewakang through special arrangements or quests.

What should I do if I encounter the Padewakang in the game?

If you encounter the Padewakang during your adventures in Skull and Bones, be prepared for a challenging encounter. Legendary ships like the Padewakang are typically piloted by skilled captains and may pose a significant threat. Approach with caution, assess the situation, and be prepared for a fierce battle if engagement is necessary.

Can I customize the Padewakang with upgrades and modifications like other ships in Skull and Bones?

Yes, once you have acquired the Padewakang, you can customize it with upgrades, modifications, and cosmetic changes like any other ship in Skull and Bones. Investing in enhancements for the Padewakang can further enhance its already formidable capabilities and tailor it to your preferred playstyle.


The quest for the Padewakang is a journey fraught with danger, intrigue, and adventure. Whether through combat, diplomacy, exploration, or cunning, captains must employ all their skills and resources to claim this legendary ship as their own. By understanding the methods of acquisition, employing strategic tactics, and persevering in the face of adversity, aspiring captains can embark on a legendary quest that will cement their legacy in the annals of maritime history.