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How To Make Money With Kwai


Kwai is well-known for being a fun video production app on his phone that he posts on Facebook. Much to Tik Tok, Youtube is responsible for creating HOT new trends. Kwai is a strong helper that can help you rapidly become renowned and successful if you possess amusing, distinctive, and attractive video. Those who are enthusiastic about their online virtual lives will find Kwai to be an invaluable resource. However, the more exciting news is that you may profit from Kwai by selling advertisements inside the videos that you have created and published to Kwai. It’s rather fascinating, don’t you think? It only satisfies your own interest while also providing you with a little money.

How To buying money from Kwai

Using the Kwai app, all you have to do to generate money is produce clips and share them with other people so they may watch them. However, just recording films and uploading them is not enough; you need to engage with the community that Kwai provides in order to boost the number of views, likes, and comments associated with your videos. If you do this, the likelihood of earning payment from Kwai will grow. Because Kwai will decide how much Kwai Koin to give depending on whatever level of the video is the fan favourite.

How To Make Money With Kwai

At the current market rate, one Kwai Koin is equivalent to 0.01 US Dollars, thus we will be exchanging this Kwai Koin for US Dollars. Because Kwai only allows withdrawals to be made via Paypal, users who want to access their money must first have a Paypal account. This is one of the platform’s drawbacks.

While reading this, you may find yourself wondering how much money is gained from each view, like, or remark. In point of fact, because of the new experience, the administrator of the network is unsure about this calculation. However, through the trial of 2 clips, in which 1 clip is 1 comment and 1 clip is 2 comments, and both clips are about 90 views checked 64 Kwai Koin, which is equivalent to 0.64 dollars or 14,000 Vietnamese Dong. If that is the case, then it must be fun to play, right? It is feasible for one of your movies to make more than $10 in only two days if you have a popular video and a little bit of luck on your side.

Simply tap your avatar in the top left corner of the page to check your earnings, and then click Moneybook to get the full list of balances for all of your Kwai Koin accounts. You may verify the specifics of how many US Dollars it is by clicking on it.

If this is your first time using Kwai, you may learn how to use it on your mobile device to produce high-quality films that can be uploaded to the internet. Keep in mind that after you have posted to Kwai, you should share it on Facebook, Zalo, and Youtube in order to attract more viewers. This is because the more views, likes, and comments you receive, the more money you will make.

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These videos will get many Kwai Koin

  • The quality of the video recording is very clear, and the visuals are stunning.
  • To make films more appealing and to pique viewers’ interests, try adding magic stickers, effects, and noises that are one of a kind, among other things.
  • Content that is both creative and original in nature.
  • In addition, if you want to acquire more Kwai Koin, you should routinely make and submit movies to Kwai. If you do this while passionately chatting with other users, then everyone will engage once more.


What is Kwai’s function?

There are no celebrities or KOLs on Kwai, which attempts to create an environment where everyone’s voice may be heard. As a result, it relies only on user input to identify what films should be recommended.

Why is Kwai banned?

Kwai and 58 other applications will be banned by the Indian government in June 2020, claiming “data and privacy concerns.”

It’s available in what locations?

Beyond China, the app is available in over a dozen countries and regions, including Russia, South Korea, Japan and other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. It is also available in countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as Brazil, North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The app has over 70 million monthly active users and an impressive monthly active user rate of over 20 million.