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Fallout 76 – Where To Find All The Treasures Locations In The Mire And Cranberry Bog Treasure Maps


Now your inventory must have filled with the treasures you’ve got from the Forest and also Savage Divide maps. Well, I’m telling you now, you’re just halfway from getting all the treasures available in Fallout 76.

So, should we start with the next treasures locations? Let’s begin the journey to find more treasures in the Mire and Cranberry Bog treasure maps.

The Mire Treasure Maps

  • The Mire Treasure Map 1

You can find the treasure near a cabin at the east of Hopewell Cave.

  • The Mire Treasure Map 2

Find the treasure at the northwest of Camp Venture, end of the railroad near the tunnel.

  • The Mire Treasure Map 3

Just head to the southwest of Southern Belle Motel, on one of the mounds on the ground.

  • The Mire Treasure Map 4

Find the treasure under the bridge by Crevasse Dam.

  • The Mire Treasure Map 5

It will be a bit tricky to find this one since it is covered by grass but it is just right of Excelsior Model Home. Use the bridge features to line up your character and then look for the mound.

The Cranberry Bog Treasure Maps

  • Cranberry Bog Treasure Map 1

You can find the treasure at the northwest of Watoga Civic Center, under a bridge.

  • Cranberry Bog Treasure Map 2

Find this one at the Ranger Lookout tower, also located under a bridge.

  • Cranberry Bog Treasure Map 3

You can find the treasure easily right beside a big tree near Overgrown Sundew Grove.

  • Cranberry Bog Treasure Map 4

The final treasure from Cranberry Bog can be found right under one of the support structures.

Are you getting tired or getting more excited to find the treasures? Just two more locations to go through to find all the treasures in Fallout 76, the Toxic Valley and Ash Heap. So take a deep breath and get prepared!

Fallout 76 is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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