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Solium Infernum – How to Capture a Building


Solium Infernum is a complex and strategic turn-based strategy game set in the depths of Hell, where players take on the roles of powerful demonic rulers vying for dominance. Central to the game’s mechanics is the capture and control of various buildings, each offering unique advantages and resources. In this guide, we’ll delve into the art of capturing buildings in Solium Infernum and explore effective strategies for maximizing your demonic influence.

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What are the Building Types in Solium Infernum?

In Solium Infernum, buildings come in diverse types, each serving different purposes and offering unique advantages to the Archfiend who controls them. Infernal Citadels, for instance, represent the pinnacle of demonic power, granting immense prestige and formidable defensive capabilities.

Other buildings, such as Soul Vaults and Summoning Circles, provide valuable resources like Souls and Mana, which are essential for summoning demons, casting spells, and fueling various actions.  Additionally, there are structures like Temples and Shrines that offer strategic bonuses, such as increasing the effectiveness of rituals or providing protection against hostile incursions. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each building type is crucial for formulating effective strategies.

Archfiends must carefully prioritize their efforts, deciding which buildings to target for capture based on their overall goals and the current state of the game. Whether focusing on military domination, resource accumulation, or diplomatic influence, knowing how to leverage the unique benefits of different building types is key to achieving success in Solium Infernum.

How to Capture a Building

In the intricate realm of Solium Infernum, capturing a building requires astute strategy and decisive action. Players must first identify their target amidst the infernal landscape. Then, with a click of the ‘red arrow’ icon, they initiate their assault, directing their forces towards the chosen structure.

Buildings in Solium Infernum are defended by armies, each with its own health points (HP) displayed prominently. Monitoring these HP levels is crucial, as it determines the outcome of battle. If the opponent’s army boasts superior HP, it’s wise to bide your time, allowing others to weaken the defenses before making your move.

Solium Infernum - How to Capture a Building

Victory hinges on depleting the adversary’s forces, reducing their HP to zero. A successful conquest results in claiming the building for your own. Should neither side emerge victorious, the battle continues, providing opportunities for subsequent attempts. In Solium Infernum, patience and perseverance are essential virtues on the path to domination.

Exploiting Weaknesses

Every building in Solium Infernum has its weaknesses waiting to be exploited by cunning Archfiends. Whether through espionage, sabotage, or subterfuge, there are numerous ways to undermine and disrupt the defenses of rival demons. For example, Archfiends can employ spies to gather intelligence on enemy positions, uncovering vulnerabilities and identifying strategic targets for attack.

Sabotage operations can also be highly effective, targeting crucial infrastructure or disrupting enemy supply lines to weaken their defenses and hinder their ability to resist. Furthermore, Archfiends can exploit diplomatic tensions and rivalries to sow discord among their enemies, turning allies against each other and creating opportunities for opportunistic strikes. By capitalizing on the weaknesses of their opponents, Archfiends can gain a decisive advantage in the struggle for supremacy in Solium Infernum.


Can I use spells or artifacts to aid in capturing buildings?

Absolutely! Spells and artifacts can provide significant advantages in battles for building capture. Look for spells that weaken enemy forces or enhance your own, and consider deploying artifacts with combat bonuses.

Are there buildings that provide diplomatic advantages?

Yes, certain buildings in Solium Infernum offer diplomatic benefits, such as increasing prestige or improving relations with other players. These buildings can be valuable assets for those pursuing diplomatic strategies.

What happens if neither side achieves victory in a battle for a building?

If neither side manages to deplete the opposing army’s HP to zero, the battle will continue. Players can launch subsequent attacks in future turns to try to tip the balance in their favor.

How important is resource management in capturing buildings?

Resource management is crucial in Solium Infernum, as it determines your ability to sustain your armies, cast spells, and maintain control over captured buildings. Balancing resource acquisition with strategic investments is key to long-term success.


In the multifaceted landscape of Solium Infernum, mastering the art of capturing buildings is a testament to strategic acumen and relentless ambition. Understanding the nuances of building types, assessing strategic priorities, and deploying a variety of tactics are essential for success in the infernal realms. Whether through diplomatic finesse, military might, or exploiting opponents’ weaknesses, Archfiends must navigate the treacherous depths of Hell with unwavering resolve. By embracing adaptation and flexibility, they can thrive in the face of adversity and emerge as true masters of Solium Infernum, wielding power and influence unmatched in the fiery crucible of demonic conquest.