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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Locate The Odd Pair Guide


The Locate The Odd Pair rumor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will add two extra NPCs to the already crowded Pyloon’s Saloon. Rumors begin spreading after players initiate the Forest Array assignment in Kaboh in an effort to learn more about Tanalorr. This task is given to players once they have arrived in Koboh and located Greez and the Gyro module. After taking their time with the lengthy Forest Array quest, players can begin working on the Locate The Odd Pair rumor. Find out where to look for the odd pair guide in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor by reading this post.

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How To Find The Odd Pair

Cal must travel to the Boiling Bluff area after meeting with Moran in Pyloon’s Saloon. This location can be difficult to find because he doesn’t go there during the story; players who have engaged with the Boiling Bluff Meditation Point can quickly fast-travel there, but those who haven’t will have to walk there.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Locate The Odd Pair Guide

Cal should leave Pyloon’s Saloon by the front entrance, turn left, and travel past the Stables in the direction of the Untamed Downs. If players want to prepare for when Cal reaches the Boiling Bluff, they can grab a Nekko from the Stables on the way there.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Locate The Odd Pair Guide

At some point during his travels in the Untamed Downs, Cal will come to a hill with an ascent. He shouldn’t bother trying to scale it, but rather continue straight ahead into the next section.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Locate The Odd Pair Guide

Ignoring the green laser barrier on the left and the Meditation Chamber on the right, he should head proceed through the passage in the middle, where he will enter the Boiling Bluff itself.

How To Reach The Odd Pair

Cal should take a left at the Boiling Bluff Meditation Point and head toward the rock face. Then he has to get on a Nekko and jump off of it to get to the higher platform.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Locate The Odd Pair Guide

Cal must kill three Gorgers on this stage before he can jump across the chasm to the Mogu’s lair. The Odd Pair won’t talk to him while the Mogu is around, so he’ll have to kill it. Players should save their progress at the Boiling Bluff Meditation Point before beginning the combat.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Locate The Odd Pair Guide

Once the Mogu has been felled, Cal can climb the nearby rock overlooking the ravine to speak with the Odd Pair, who will then introduce themselves as Tulli Mu and Bhima Ook. They can then launch the Holotactics minigame by interacting with them after they have been permanently recruited by Cal and moved to Pyloon’s Saloon.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Locate The Odd Pair Guide


Will there be romance in Jedi Survivor?

Even though Cal tries to bring up the subject of Merrin and Cal’s kiss on Jedha before they fight a gigantic excavator, it isn’t until much later in the game that the two talk about their feelings and officially become a couple.

Who is the main boss in Jedi Survivor?

Big reveal, that’s for sure. To put it bluntly, we did warn you. Bode Akuna might have helped you out against Dagan Gera, but now he’s turning against you as one of the last bosses in Jedi Survivor.

Can you fight Darth Vader in Jedi: Survivor?

The game encourages you to parry Vader’s blows by making his attacks relatively slow. If you’re anything like me, however, parrying isn’t your strong point, and you probably shouldn’t put too much faith in it.

Who is the most respected Jedi?

There’s a solid reason why Yoda is revered as the greatest Jedi of all time. He is a formidable warrior, an expert with the Force, and a wise man beyond his years. His legacy as the quintessential Jedi will endure long after he is gone.