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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Sanctuary Temple Puzzle


With its numerous hidden collectible locations, the Jedha Sanctuary Temple in Jedi: Survivor is just one of the many secret locations throughout the Star Wars galaxy. Cal will eventually arrive at Buried Refuge while making his way through the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary Temple in Jedi Survivor on his second trip to the Jedha Desert in order to complete the mission “Locate Brother Armias.” Upon overcoming his adversaries and submerging himself beneath the temple, Cal will eventually arrive at the door puzzle for the Sanctuary Temple. This post will walk you through the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sanctuary Temple puzzle:

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Sanctuary Temple Puzzle in Star War Jedi: Survivor

Examine the surrounding area and the puzzle’s workings first. The door has two moving bracket-shaped sections on each side, as you can see. You need to lock these two pieces together to solve the puzzle and unlock the door. You will see two door blocks with two pulleys that allow them to be moved up and down with both parts.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Sanctuary Temple Puzzle

The easiest part of the door to solve is the right portion, so start there. Compel It will begin to slowly move toward the center when you pull the right door. Compel As soon as the block begins moving, lift it quickly by pulling the right pulley. After that, the door will shift to the left and strike the left block. To lower the right block, release the pulley now. Next, use Force Push to return the right door to its original position.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Sanctuary Temple Puzzle

It’s time to move the left door into its proper position. You will have to attach the pulley on this side with the assistance of the holding mechanism. compel To raise the left block, pull on the left pulley. Make sure the block is raised to its highest position before fastening the pulley to the holding mechanism.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Sanctuary Temple Puzzle

You won’t need to hold the pulley to elevate the left block. Currently, Force When you pull on the door’s left side, it will gradually begin to move toward the center. After that, the left and right pieces will come together to finish the puzzle. compel In order to get to Brother Armias and obtain Merrin’s Magicked Charm and the contact codes, push the center door to open the path beyond.

All Jedha Scrolls

The first Jedha Scroll is located at the landing with the stone columns outside the temple. The Scroll is located on the ground at the left end, between the outer columns, facing the valley. Go through the temple’s first, large chamber to find the second and third Jedha Scrolls.

This is the room that has the circular platform in the center of the pit and multiple large hanging braziers. As you enter, there are green ray shields on your left. To warp through the ray shield and get close to the Meditation Point, use dash. Just before the Meditation Point, on the ground close to the wall, is a Jedha Scroll. Make your way back to the spacious room and turn left into a tiny nook right away.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Sanctuary Temple Puzzle

You can use the wall’s climbing ability to get higher and access the central landing and interlinking bridge. The third Jedha Scroll is located in a side room that can be accessed through a door across the bridge. In that room, there’s also a Force Point hidden behind a ray shield.


How do you get out of the sanctuary Temple Jedi Survivor?

To get to the other side of the temple, take the zipline. Continue until you come across the fallen pillar. A pool lies beneath the pillar. Dive in, jump in, and keep going until you’re back on dry land.

How can we stop wind on Jedha?

There appears to be a path at the top that leads to the Meditation Point, but the wind will force you aside. Rather, descend to the left and proceed via the cave’s path. Finally, pull a metal beam out of the wall with your Force Pull to stop the wind.

Why is Jedha important in Star Wars?

Comics and books about Star Wars have contributed to the development of this city’s significance and its religious roots. Jedha is portrayed in The High Republic comic book series as a hub for numerous Force users and devotees. Several sects live in Jedha in addition to the Jedi.

How many planets are in Jedi Survivor?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor features six planets: Coruscant, Koboh, Jedha, Tanalorr, Shattered Moon, and Nova Garon, in addition to moons and asteroids.

How many temples are in Jedi: Survivor?

Jedi Meditation Chambers are a brand-new kind of attraction and activity in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Every one of the seven hidden Meditation Chambers on Koboh’s planet will present a different challenge, such as combat encounters and platforming puzzles.