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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Beat Zhang Liang


In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the first boss presents a little difficulty. Players are still becoming used to various game elements and systems at this point in the narrative, and Zhang Liang undoubtedly serves as a yardstick to ensure challengers have been paying attention. You have to learn how to block his assaults immediately and hit when it’s most advantageous. The developer Team Ninja made a really strange choice, in my opinion. By reading this guide, you will learn how to defeat Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to Get Ready for Zhang Liang

It’s hard to pull off facing Zhang Liang just after you’ve started a new game. Your offence is minimal, and your HP drops very quickly. The majority of players will have to gain experience before facing Zhang Liang. Descend to the nearest flag near the Zhang Liang boss area at the hill’s summit.

First, eliminate every soldier and then the infected people at the foot of the hill. To the right is a flag checkpoint. Restock your health potions with it. Similar to how opponents respawn in the Souls series with bonfires, you will encounter adversaries every time you interact with the flag.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Beat Zhang Liang

You can kill additional soldiers if you continue along that way. Two are easily removed by approaching stealthily and using the Triangle button (Y on the Xbox) to launch a fast stealth assault. To obtain the necessary Genuine Qi to level up, you can climb down the hill as many times as you choose. Put on your favourite music or a podcast, settle in, and grind until you feel it will take some time. It took us until we reached Level 14 to defeat Zhang Liang.

A more formidable foe awaits you if you continue on the same route through the gunfire past the soldiers. The name for it is changui. Once you’ve removed it (which is pretty difficult), move behind the house it’s in front of. Scale the ceiling and descend the pit to retrieve equipment that improves your defence against Zhang Liang.

How to Defeat Zhang Liang

Despite his seeming invincibility, Zhang Liang is defeatable. But you will find it difficult to pick up his patterns. Zhang throws his heavy mace at you in the first phase of the fight. To reflect the assault, move forward and click the Circle button (or B). He’ll probably be surprised for a few seconds while doing this. Take a couple hits before retreating to await his next move.

The game’s objective is to lower your opponent’s spirit gauge and fill the bar all the way up with red.  Zhang and the other bosses will be defeated as soon as this happens. This is the moment to unleash a devastating strike that deals much damage. Deflecting Zhang’s attacks is something you should do whenever you see them highlighted in red. Although it cannot be blocked, deflecting it will significantly alter the course of a combat.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Beat Zhang Liang

It will significantly affect the spirit gauge and expose them more than before to a Fatal Strike. After a while, Zhang Liang lunges forward and strikes you with his mace. Fortunately, this can also be sidestepped with ease. The timing is everything. The game can attempt to trip you up with two straight red-heavy strikes in the second part of the first phase. You should be set up for a fatal strike if you can deflect both of them.

Unfortunately, Zhang Liang’s second form is more difficult. He now possesses a massive hand that is capable of hitting you from a distance. Additionally, he can severely harm your feet by launching a rocky earthquake in your direction.

How to Beat Zhang’s Second Phase

Wo Long: Zhang Liang now has a second phase in Fallen Dynasty that is far more terrifying than the first. Zhang will start this phase with two broad strokes of his new dragon arm following a brief cutscene. The player should be able to start this phase at a distance that keeps them out of range to process the timing of the hits. There are still some strong, frequent attacks in this phase.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Beat Zhang Liang

The assault when Zhang smashes the earth and a straight line of jagged rocks erupts at the player will be the most worrisome distinction in this instance. Although this assault is technically regular, it takes some getting used to due to its timing. To avoid it, either dash out of the way or turn around as soon as it makes contact. Even though he may have a completely different appearance, the basic approach to defeating this Wo Long boss phase is much the same.

While still lethal, his usual attack combinations are preventable. His big strikes are even farther away this time. His preferred heavy attack entails a backward leap followed by a long-distance dragon arm strike. Once more, at the point of contact, dodge-parry. During this phase, parrying a heavy move successfully should be sufficient to max his spirit meter and open the door for a heavy hit.

The boy buddy with the blindfold is (surprisingly) less useful in this phase than in the last one. He at least gave the impression of helping the player in phase one, but he has since completely vanished from the battlefield. He does, however, make one noteworthy call-out that merits recognition.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Beat Zhang Liang

In this second phase, the blind boy will remark, “Now, unleash the power residing in the jade,” once Zhang is down to about ¼ of his health. This indicates that the player’s Divine Beast gauge is full in a mysterious way. The buttons that need to be pressed simultaneously in order to activate this skill will be indicated on the screen. This battle will automatically finish in victory if the jade’s power is used, and a cutscene that establishes the mood for what happens next will play out.


What is the best early game weapon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

The White Wooden Cudgel is currently regarded as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s greatest early-game weapon.

What is the best weapon in Wo Long?

The twin swords’ versatility makes them the finest weapon type choice in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty overall. A player using dual swords is unstoppable, despite the disadvantages of the other dual weapons. These are the best fast weapons for any kind of attack.

What is the best early game armor in Wo Long?

Look for Wo Long’s Yellow Turban Champion Set for Light to Medium Armor. The Yellow Turban Champion outfit is the greatest early-game armor for Wo Long players that don’t want to give up mobility.

What is the best light armor in Wo Long?

The greatest light armor set in the game is the Tyrant Overlord, which has excellent resistance to elemental attacks of Fire, Metal, and Water and some of the best defensive stats. Because of its light weight, it’s perfect for someone with a strong Water Build since it makes it simpler to dodge opposing attacks.

How do you get Blood Dragon Armor?

Acquire a brand-new copy of Dragon Age: Origins (either the standard or collector’s edition) to obtain a coupon for the download of Blood Dragon Armor, a complete piece of armor that provides outstanding defense in battle.