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Dave The Diver – How to Make Steel Net Gun


There are a variety of equipment and weaponry in Dave the Diver that may be used to catch different kinds of fish that can be made into sushi. Most inexperienced divers will begin their fishing career with the Net Gun, also known as the Small Net Gun. It is perfect for catching several fish at once, up to seven at a time, but it cannot catch a greater haul. However, the preferred weapon for novice Divers is the Net Gun, sometimes referred to as the Steel Net Gun. The following post will walk you through creating a Steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver:

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How to Get Steel Net Gun

It’s crucial to start with the Small Net Gun and improve it by going up to the Medium and Large Net Guns to get the Steel Net Gun. Initially, you may assemble the required blueprints and craft materials to make a little net cannon. After you keep upgrading it, the Large Net Gun will finally be accessible. After obtaining the Large Net Gun, you will require the following supplies and the Large Net Rope.

  • Steel Rope x1
  • Topaz x20
  • Gold x3400
  • Pelican Eel Skin x3

Dave The Diver - How to Make Steel Net Gun

You can dive underwater and mine crystals to obtain topaz to gather the components needed for the Steel Net Gun. You may even come across steel rope during your underwater explorations; if so, you should replace your existing rope with a solid steel one.

How to Upgrade Large Net Gun

After you’ve acquired all the necessary components, it’s time to give your large net gun the ultimate makeover and turn it into a potent steel net gun. Holding this enhanced weapon will enable you to bring home even bigger fish. With its remarkable six magazine capacity and five-shot firing range, the Steel Net Gun makes it easy to handle even the most difficult catches.

In times of extraordinary demand, when the price of tuna meals rises, gathering as much tuna as possible is crucial. Waiting for Steel Net Traps to show up in the store, though, can be a constraint. The Steel Net Gun can help with that. This powerful tool allows you to catch a lot of tuna by continuously filling it with ammunition deposits. Don’t forget to improve your salvage drone so it can efficiently manage several large Fish extractions.

One particularly noteworthy game-changer in Dave The Diver is the Steel Net Gun. Up to seven fish, including larger ones like tuna, may be caught at once with the assistance of this amazing gadget. You must upgrade from the Small Net Gun and acquire ingredients in order to obtain it. This updated gun stores six bullets and has a five-range. The Steel Net Gun enhances the thrill and satisfaction of gaming, whether you’re playing for a big tournament or a short fishing excursion.

What Is Steel Net Gun In Dave The Diver?

Players may upgrade to the Steel Net Gun, a potent fishing equipment in Dave the Diver. Divers may catch up to seven fish at once using this powerful tool, including bigger species like tuna. Famous for its sturdy steel net, the Steel Net Gun expedites fishing and is a good option for high-Rank Fish and special occasions.

The Steel Net Gun is the most potent and formidable upgrade out of all of the options. The Steel Net Gun is an effective weapon for catching numerous fish at once; it can capture up to seven fish.

Dave The Diver - How to Make Steel Net Gun

Sturdy steel is used to make the net. With its exceptional durability and fast fishing design, this net lets you catch a lot of fish in a short period of time. The Steel Net Gun’s capacity to catch considerably larger fish, such as tuna, is what further distinguishes it.

  • Range: 5
  • Magazine 6
  • Damage¬†
  • Element


What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

It is lethal everywhere in The Blue Hole and has the longest range, surpassing even the Grenade Launcher, with the highest (constant) damage output in the whole game. This is, of course, without even discussing the Death Sniper Rifle, its Tier 3 upgrade.

How do you get the bug net in Dave the Diver?

In order to obtain the Bug Net, you must complete Maki’s Request. at chapter 2, she will appear at your sushi bar and ask that you prepare Kombu and White Trevally Ochazuke. White trevally, soy sauce, and kelp are required.

Where to get steel rope Dave the Diver?

One item in Dave the Diver is Steel Rope. Steel rope is available for purchase in the Sea People Village’s Duwa. The Steel Net Gun is made using it.

Can you tranquilize shark Dave the Diver?

To tranquilize sharks, players must use either the Modified Hush Dart or the Tranquilizer Rifle. In order to use these weapons, users must update Dave’s smartphone’s Duff’s Weapon Shop app to improve the basic Rifle and Hush Dart. The greatest choice is the Tranquilizer Rifle, which may be obtained by crafting merely a simple upgrade.

How do you use the UV light in Dave the Diver?

He’ll suggest using a UV light. If not, look around for one. Hopefully you’ve already located one. After obtaining it, use the middle mouse button or the right trigger to shine light on the tube worms, causing them to withdraw, and then go below.