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Tips: How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Legends


As a Minecraft player, you know how valuable diamonds are in the game. Diamonds can be used for crafting powerful tools and weapons, and they can also be used to summon the Skeleton, a powerful ranged unit that can take down your foes without being hurt.

In Minecraft Legends, diamonds are more common than in base Minecraft, but they can still be difficult to find. Here’s your guide to finding diamonds in Minecraft Legends.

Build the Diamond Improvement

Before you can start gathering diamonds, you need to have the Diamond Improvement. This Improvement increases the number of diamonds you can hold by default, which is zero. You can build the Diamond Improvement in any Improvement Zone.

Here’s how many Diamond Improvements you need to build to hold different amounts of diamonds:

  • 1 Diamond Improvement: 150 diamonds
  • 2 Diamond Improvements: 300 diamonds
  • 3 Diamond Improvements: 450 diamonds
  • 4 Diamond Improvements: 600 diamonds

While building more Diamond Improvements will allow you to hold more diamonds, there are diminishing returns past two Diamond Improvements.

Find the Right Biomes

There are only two biomes in Minecraft Legends that contain diamonds: the Jagged Peak spine and the Tundra. The Tundra is the easier biome to search for diamonds in, as they are found more frequently and in larger veins than in the Jagged Peak biome. You can find the Tundra biome by looking around the world on the legend to the right. The Jagged Peak biome is more difficult to find, but it can also contain diamonds.

Search for Diamonds

Once you’ve found the right biome, it’s time to search for diamonds. Diamonds in Minecraft Legends spawn in little veins of 30 to 40. While it’s not realistic for diamonds to spawn on the surface, it’s normal in Minecraft Legends. Here’s how to gather diamonds:

  1. Use the Gather Diamond option on the Gather menu.
  2. Your allies will go and kick the diamonds for you.
  3. You can use multiple allies to gather diamonds if you have some spare and you really want those diamonds right now.

If you don’t have a Tundra or Jagged Peak biome in your world, you can still find diamonds by exploring other biomes. However, they will be much rarer.

Explore the Jagged Peak Biome

If you do find the Jagged Peak biome, it’s worth exploring. This biome is one of the most intriguing biomes to explore in Minecraft Legends due to its vertical height and mushroom pads found everywhere. You can ride a horse or a tropical bird and jump a little bit higher than usual, which makes exploring this biome easier.

Tips for Finding Diamonds

Here are some tips for finding diamonds in Minecraft Legends:

  • Look for light blue specs, which indicate the presence of diamonds.
  • Use the mini-map to help navigate to the Tundra or Jagged Peak biome.
  • Bring multiple allies with you to gather diamonds faster.
  • Look for diamond resources produced by villagers.
  • Explore other biomes if you don’t have a Tundra or Jagged Peak biome.


While diamonds in Minecraft Legends are more common than in base Minecraft, they can still be difficult to find. By building Diamond Improvements, finding the right biomes, and searching for diamonds, you can increase your chances of finding them.

Remember to explore the Jagged Peak biome and use these tips to help you find diamonds in Minecraft Legends.