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Starfield: In Their Footsteps Mission Quest


The thirteenth mission in Starfield’s main plot is titled “In Their Footsteps.” You’ll finally meet The Hunter in person and get some answers to the big questions about the cosmos you’ve been asking for so long. Here’s what you need to know if you’re lost in In Their Footsteps. Attention: major narrative points will be revealed. Read this article for information on the star-based quest In their footsteps:

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Talk to the Hunter

Once inside, we are introduced to the Hunter as well as the Emissary. Put away your weapons; there is no need for them in this area anyway. Throughout the chat, we pick up some new information regarding the Unity as well as their account of the events that transpired.

Starfield: In Their Footsteps Mission Quest

In addition, you will be astounded when the buddy who passed away during the adventure High Price to Pay suddenly materializes in front of you, looking as healthy as ever. Or at the very least, it’s a different rendition of them.

Starfield: In Their Footsteps Mission Quest

A series of metaphysical talks about allness, the universe, artifacts, and the Starborns are presented in the following sections. At the very end, you will have the opportunity to engage in some further conversation with the two.

Talk To The Hunter And The Emissary

You have the choice, just before you depart from the Scorpius, to engage in some additional conversation with the two Starborn.

Starfield: In Their Footsteps Mission Quest

When you are finished, make your way back to your ship. This will bring the quest to a successful conclusion and open the door to two further quests: Unearthed and Final Glimpses.

Who are the Hunter and the Emissary in Starfield?

The Emissary and the Hunter are waiting for you inside the state-of-the-art Scorpius spacecraft. You will meet with the two Starborn here to discuss the Unity, the Artifacts, and the Lodge attack.

The identities of the two Starborn are the main secrets revealed by this conversation. During the High Price to Pay quest, one of your companions will perish, and the Hunter will reveal himself to be Keeper Aquilus, playing the role of the Emissary. The Emissary might be any of the major Constellation allies, but for me it had to be Sam Coe.

Should you talk to the Hunter and Emissary?

You can continue talking to the Hunter and the Emissary after their initial conversation with you, during which they direct you to go back to Earth. Find out more about the Starborn and the ultimate goal of their Artifact collection here.

Starfield: In Their Footsteps Mission Quest

You’ll also start to make sense of their competing worldviews in this section. However, the Emissary wants to restrict who may join the Unity, while the Hunter thinks that anybody who is good enough to collect Artifacts to construct the Armillary should be a part of it.


What happens when you complete Starfield?

Once you’ve seen the last cutscene in Starfield, you have the option of continuing the game from where you left off, or starting over in a new universe with a few tweaks and some extra goodies.

What happens if you leave the Scorpius in Starfield?

Upon exiting the Scorpius, The Emissary will stop you to provide a path to another artifact, regardless of whether or not you’ve opted to talk with The Emissary and The Hunter again. You’ll be given a Moon Base Key and directed to the Nova Galactic Research Station on the moon of Earth.

Is there Earth in Starfield?

To conclude, in Starfield, you must: Roll out the star map. Extend the vision to encompass the entire galaxy. Choose Sol, navigate to Earth, and maintain the ‘Jump’ button’s press.

How many worlds will Starfield have?

Over a thousand handcrafted and procedurally produced planets spread over one hundred star systems make up Starfield’s map, with random number generator (RNG) based terrains being built when players approach a planet. In spite of this, only 100 of these planets are suitable for human habitation.