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Starfield: Legendary Ships Locations


Starfield lets you find and build many Spaceships. Explore the Settled Systems to uncover or unlock Starfield’s Legendary Ships. Legendary ships have stronger stats than standard ships, giving you an advantage. Legendary ships are often stolen from the Crimson Fleet or Spacers and have higher stats than those sold at the spaceport. Starfield is an RPG, therefore you’ll want the greatest ship. Starfield’s legendary ship destinations are explained here:

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Legendary Ships in Starfield

It’s not simple to track down a Legendary Vessel, but you’ll get the chance to find five of them. In addition, these vessels will provide you with greater statistics, making them a highly desirable option; but, you need to watch Spacers while you search for them. Therefore, the Legendary Ships will feature the subsequent selections.

Pilgrim –  The Pilgrim is a good starting ship that can hold its own against more powerful ships. Exploration and combat are both within the ship’s capabilities. In addition, the Pilgrim spacecraft features a sizable cabin and adequate cargo room in Starfield.

Explorer – This vessel is a great asset in Starfield if you like to travel great distances. It will have an expanded hyperdrive range built right in, making travelling to distant star systems easy and rapid.

However, this Starfield spaceship has even more powerful scanners, allowing you to scan a wider area of planets as you look for useful materials.

Starfield: Legendary Ships Locations

Mantis/Razorleaf –  This spaceship lives up to its billing as a highly agile, fast, and powerful weapon. Additionally, hit-and-runs on hostile craft are easy to pull off in Starfield during dogfights.

Constellation – Although it lacks speed and assault factors, this starship is elegant and well-designed. This storied vessel in Starfield is reserved for adventurers.

Stronghold –  If you’re looking for the best protection, go no farther than this renowned starship. It has built-in protections that are difficult to breach and protect you from assault. It will be like using a strong, mobile castle to help you weather any storm.

How to Unlock Legendary Ships in Starfield

It may be difficult to track down legendary vessels in Starfield, but it is not impossible. The following steps will lead you to your very own famous spaceship:

Exploring – As you venture into undiscovered star systems, you may encounter legendary spacecraft. Use space-wide scanning equipment to track down ships.

Complete quests –  Not all legendary vessels may be earned through missions, however the Mantis is one such vessel. To acquire the Mantis, one must learn the truth behind the mysterious demise of the Mantis Clan.

Defeat rogue captains – Space pirates are notorious ship thieves, but those who can battle them can acquire legendary vessels. If you suspect a ship might be a legendary vessel, it is best to disable its engines and board it.

Crafting –  Starfield allows you to design your own famous starship, but doing so requires significant effort. You’ll have to go far and wide for obscure plans if you want to build your own famous ship.

Shopping – Yes, in Starfield, you can actually buy a legendary ship. Unfortunately, the price is usually quite exorbitant, and only specialized sellers offer them for sale. See whether any of your faction’s merchants are selling ships.

Starfield: Legendary Ships Locations

You can also take part in epic naval battles that have been passed down through the ages. You’ll need to hope your team is up to the task of attacking vital ship systems like the hull during these fights.


Are there legendary ships in Starfield?

In Starfield, it is extremely unlikely to run against a legendary spacecraft, and even less probable to prevail against one if you do. Even though they are all powerful, there is a hierarchy among them.

What is the best Starship in Starfield?

The Abyss Trekker, Narwal, Razorleaf, Silent Runner, Star Eagle, Starborn Guardian, and Stronghold are considered to be the best ships in the Starfield universe.

What is the most maneuverable ship in Starfield?

In the beginning of the game, the Razorleaf is the superior ship. The Razorleaf’s basic weaponry can rip through enemy ships of lesser tiers, but it lacks in cargo capacity. Its agility is particularly noteworthy.

What is the max size ship in Starfield?

Therefore, the maximum allowed dimensions are 80 meters in both the X and Y directions (or -40 and +40, respectively). You’re limited to a height of 40m (9 modules) on Z (the game doesn’t display the heights).

Can I sell ships in Starfield?

Any ship services technician or your outpost’s shipbuilding kiosk will be happy to help you sell your vessel. Stolen or contraband-infested ships require some additional procedures before they may be sold. In addition, you need more than one ship if you intend to trade vessels, as your “home” ship must constantly be manned.